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How to start Internet Browsing Center in India in one Lac Rs

internet browsing center Many people from south India are always asking me how to start internet center?, or how to run an Internet browsing center? Etc. So I decided to write a small article to help them who are asking me the above questions on how to start internet cafe? To start an internet center you just need only Rs. 100000/- in India initially and you can upgrade it later when you earn more using your internet business.

Friends I will guide you in a very simple steps just follow them, you can start your own internet center by just Rs. 100000/- only. But you have to keep ready the whole amount at a time with you in cash.

First visit the places where more colleges and institutes are available there you will find good and always visiting customers. The college student, staff and other people around the colleges will definitely visit you internet center surely, because most of them are outsiders and they stay in hostels or rooms where they can not afford their own computer system and internet connection so they will surely visit internet centers.

Then find a 10 x 20 ft shop, you will get it by paying a simple rent under Rs. 5000/- and some times a one time refundable deposit of 20000 to 25000. If there is no deposit then it will be good. Secondly find a good and cheap carpenter to make furniture, It will cost you 20000 to get ready your cabins and counter to run your internet center this is the basic needs and you can buy second hand computers for Rs.5000 to 6000 each buy at least 6 computers, 8 will be good if you can afford.

Keep one system on the counter with a laser printer and a color inkjet printer with scanner, thats what you need on the counter to do counter based works like scanning, printing, sending mails and cd writing etc.

Get BSNL 3G connection with a BigPond Router, it will help you to share one connection to all your computers using a simple switch and you are ready with your internet center in just Rs. 1,00,000. If you need more help on setting up an internet center, internet cafe or internet browsing center, ask me questions in my comments section I will guide you to help running internet center successfully.

After setting and opening your internet browsing center you can start earning your first source of income on daily basis and you can do affiliate marketing, internet marketing, can also start your own blog and can earn through adsense etc.

If you like to know more about BSNL 3G Sim, BSN #G Internet Connection, and BigPond WifiRouter search for this you will find more articles on this blog.
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