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How to Lead people in MLM – Build leadership Qualities

Follow Him to be Good MLM Leader Lead the Change: Only Leaders can make money in any MLM or Network Marketing Business So How to become a Leader?

As we all know that Network Marketing Industry has provided more millionaires in the last ten years than any other industry.

How do you define leadership? I think the ability to influence and inspire others to follow you is the correct leadership definition.

Lets check out some Leaders you can get the correct idea of leadership in correct means.

1. Steven Paul Jobs: We all know about Steve Jobs he is an American business magnate and inventor. He is well known for being the co-founder and chief executive officer of Apple. We also know that what happened with Steve jobs at Apple, but when they failed they again called him back and again the Apple is No. 1 with Steve Jobs hence the leader should have a good longer than those that he leads. You associates needs to know that youa re planning for the future and also understand that your financial goals coinede with theirs.

2. Vincent Churchill: What ever happens England will never surrender, this simple line helped England and motivated people to stick with their words and won.

The Leader must have an attitude greater than those that he leads. A leader is optimistic and focuses on the solutions and not the problems. – Powerful Attitude.

3. Ratan Tata: Taking the smaller responsibilities what ever it may be in his company. This is his attitude. The leader is responsible and admits when he has made a mistake. As a leader you are responsible for things that go wrong in your team.

4. Alexander the Great: Alexander inherited a strong kingdom and an experienced army – Tough Work – The leader should make decessions and all the decissions are not correct, but if they are made with the right reasons in mind, then the right decissions will come more often. Strive to do the right thing and do not worry about doing things right.

5. Nelson Mandela: served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999, and was the first South African president to be elected in a fully representative democratic election. We know that he wan 27 years in Jail for the reason which we all know – He did not accepted any offers and remained in Jail and he said Money is not important to me my people are important. : The leadership always puts those that he leads first. When your assoicates see that you are looking out for the best interests they will work harder since they will realize that your goal is the success.

People honestly do not care what you know until they know how much you care them.

Mahatma Gandhi: We all know about Mahatma Gandhiji very well and how he leaded the Indian population. Remember the Dandi March, He alone started the march and 3,000 people followed him without inviting them to follow. So the leader is in the front of the group by setting an example to those that he leads. A good leader does not just tell others what to do but shows his team how to do it.

Narayana Murthy: He did not appointed his own son in his company because he failed in the interview and when asked by the management he said if I do this mistake every one will appoint their wards and we will get the unknowledged persons in the company. Here the leader shows a commitment to integrity and character. Your associate will have confidence in you as a leader when they see you doint the right things.

Bill Gates: We know all the story about Bill Gates and his success : The leader strives for excellence in every thing, your attitude, appearance, work ethics, and dedication to excellence which helps in determining the success.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalaam: He showed the future of India in 2020 with his simple lines in the speech and every one accepted it a small sentence helped people to believe that in 2020 India will be the 100% developed country. Here the Leader is determined to empowering the personal growth and development.

The only way that you can be a leader that people will follow is to grow personally by learning the skills that are necessary to becoming a matter of any thing you do in this world.

In this article I just wanted to remember some great leaders and build the quality of them to be a good and recognizable leader. If you build your personality, Attitude and do right things every one will follow you and you will have a good face value and people will believe to your tounge.
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