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Published by on Monday, December 13, 2010 at 3:08:00 PM

How to get PR9 Links to Websites from Google and Yahoo?

PR9 Backlinks for Blog and WebsitesNOTE: Before reading this article I want to inform you that you must be a good author who can write better innovative articles on the latest trends.

Friends today an idea clicked my mind on how to get PR9 links to your blog or how can you get linked on PR9 websites, etc.

It is very simple to get PR9 or above links to your blog or websites if you are a good author who can write best innovative articles such as news, hot trends, latest happenings etc.

Search for good news websites, which have the good PR rankings may be they can have PR6, PR7 or PR8 and you should check whether Google, Yahoo and other big portals with PR9 are pulling feeds to their news aggregators.

You can check it on the Google news, Yahoo News etc. to find if they are pulling the feeds from all news websites which you are going to signup for an Author, If you are a good writer then you will definitely get approved on the news websites worldwide.

Many SEO experts are doing this, I came to know from some reliable sources and many expert webmasters are getting success in getting their articles linked in PR9 Websites like Google and Yahoo.

Now go to the NEWS websites and Signup for an Author account on the sites and if you are a good author you may get the approval very soon from these news websites

After approval you can start writing articles on latest trends on the news websites, so that you can get good PR rankings as well as whenever the big giants pull the feeds from the news sites on which you published your article to their news aggregators. You will get their PR values to the links; hence this is the best and legal procedure to get PR9 Links to your blog or websites.

This article is very short but if you can understand what I want to say in this then you will get success with PR9 back links to your websites and blog.
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