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How Indian youth select their mobile phone?

How Indian youth select their mobile phone?As we all know that from SMS to video to social networking, mobile phones are making a serious boost in our daily lives. And the youth around the world are most who are interested in mobile technology.

Mobile phones are used more among the youth all over the world; here we can just discuss about the youth interest in rates, design, multimedia, or battery what they are actually looking for while buying mobile phones.

Most of the youths chose their mobile phone. Some surveys say only 16 percent of young people like their parents choice for their mobile phone. Youths prefer less priced but high configuration mobile phones as their best choice. The students at the age 15 to 24 in all countries like to have less priced ones as the best choice but they also look for the design too within the range.

Youth also like smart phones but within the price range with all facilities.

I like to discuss more on this topic if my readers like to discuss on How Indian youth select their mobile phone?
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