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Highest searched keyword on Internet – A keyword Research

Highest Searchable KeywordAs you know whatever comes in my mind I start writing on and today an idea clicked my mind that, which keyword is searched on Internet on higher priority?

This means I do not want to check out the trends and day hot search and what is today famous on GOOGLE, Yahoo, and AOL etc. But I want a keyword, which should be, searched every minute, every second, every hour and 365 days. The most searchable keyword on the Internet every time is it there.

We all know that, millions of searches are done each day, on popular search engines by people all around the world as per trends. What are they looking for? And we know that a number of major search engines provide trends to the query stream to discover the most popular search keywords or topics, which are as, follows:

AOL Hot Searches: For Top current queries on AOL.

For Top Current Queries Goto ASK IQ.

Dogpile SearchSpy: We can find a filtered or non-filtered sample of top, real-time search terms from this popular Meta search service. Even on the sister sites MetaCrawler, which offers similar MetaCrawler MetaSpy service to find the search terms.

Lycos 50: Weekly search queries on Lycos.

MSN Search Insider: We can see the top 200 queries on MSN Search.

Yahoo Buzz Index: We can see what is hot in terms of search topics at Yahoo.

But my question is not this but which are the Highest searched keyword on Internet, I mean all time. It should be searched every time, not slot of time should be left without it on the search engines. Is it available? If it is please write the comments or review them, so that SEO people and Writers can handle them to write more.

If I can get it I will research on it and try to provide a good solution to write many articles and also I will write best SEO and SEM based google top result articles on the highest searchable keyword.
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