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Published by on Friday, December 31, 2010 at 2:38:00 PM

Heavy Traffic Generating Tip for YEAR 2011

traffic from social sitesI got some success, but the best thing is writing our own articles and on any niche will bring the good results on organic traffic, My blog is getting almost 60% traffic from organic search and 25-30% from social sites and remaining 10-25% other traffic as per alexa and google analytics etc.

So friends now at the end of 2010 I got closed to getting more traffic to my BLOGS which I had already created and which I will launch soon, I will apply all the traffic things and write down them all one by one in coming days. So you can get more help by reading my upcoming articles on SEO and Traffic.

NOW a simple hint, which is one of my most, traffic generating one and I like to share it to you. If you like good traffic to your blog website just apply this tip on daily basis.

1. First find all the professional bloggers on net globally, check their alexa rankings and traffic stats, if you find their traffic is too much and if you like to get such traffic to your blog make a list of them.

2. Find out all social media ids for those professional bloggers, and make a list and follow them and make friends on those sites.

3. Be online full time for your starting days and login on all social sites like twittering, facebook etc. and seeing what they tweet or what they share on social sites.

4. Now the final and the tip for you to get recognized on net and get traffic to your blog or website through social sites is just re-tweet the tweets what they are tweeting instantly as soon as they publish them, and re-share the things what they write on facebook, google buzz, yahoo buzz etc. so you will get recognized soon because they are the one who have lots of followers. So as soon as they post something on net they get hits and if you re-share them your ids will be shown on those links and people will check out who you are and this will automatically generate traffic to your profiles and also the blogs or websites which are there on your profiles.

So if you like this article subscribe our feeds on feed burner in the stay connected area on my sidebar and be with us to get such tips on generating traffic in the coming days.


Happy New Year 2011.
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