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Tips: Get ready to be a good MLM Network Marketing Leader

Change in MLM BusinessFriends if you like to be a MLM leader first thing we all know that we have to be in a reputed, strong, and high planning, stable company, So first you have to decide what MLM company will give you success and after joining the company you should keep the complete belief in the company and be a active distributor for the company, then as per the system you should be a good planner, motivator and also you should have good image with different people and you have to be a good leader. So what are the best things to do when you have to be a good leader?

Friends as we all know that the term competition very well, every one knows how the world is competing each other, but do you all know the competition trend is totally changed now days. Do you all know how?

We all know one of the most used in the word in the corporate world is COMPETITION. Do you know the competition trend is now changed, because in the past days the competition is in between the same product companies, like SONY company was having competition with SAMSUNG, VIDEOCON, LG etc for their TV Product and many others for their products which were competing with each other for one or more same products.

But now it is changed. Let us see some examples on how the competition trend is changing.

We know that KODAK the ROLL camera company. So who were the competitors to KODAK every one says the other camera companies. Do you know the Electronics Company SONY brought down the KODAK roll company by manufacturing the Digital Camera first time? Is it correct, Kodak newer imagined that Sony will compete to the camera world.

Then who brought down the digital camera companies is that the same digital camera manufacturing company, No. Newer imagined no one though of this that it will happen, YES the NOKIA the no.1 mobile manufacturing company competed the Digital Camera manufacturing company by adding the digital cameras to mobile phones. Wow a newer thought competition.

In this way there are lots of examples, You can see now a days, Have you ever thought that the search engine company will compete the Mobile world, Ever thought that Google and APPLE the Computer Field Giants will compete NOKIA. No one thought of this. YES it happened Google brought the Android and Apple brought the IPHONE. Wow what a competition between non-related companies.

In the same way have you ever thought of the Music Company, We all know the best and very famous music companies in India one of which is HMV before some years Venus, T-Series were the competitors for HMV. But now what is the difference in the competition for the music company.

A newer though thing is happening – The Mobile service providers are competing with the music industry, people like to subscribe for the ring tones and music on mobile phones through their service providers and not planning to buy the music cassettes or CDS. Is this music companies’ thought about their competitors they were not aware of this things where the competitions are arriving. They never thought that the non-related companies would compete them in future. DO you know the mobile companies like AIRTEL is charging Rs. 6 for the 30-second song? So who is earning more the Music Companies or the Mobile Companies?

I want to give another big corporate example on How to the biggest corporate business world is hit by the simple companies. Do you heard of the Airline companies like British airways, Singapore Airlines, Emirates airlines Air India etc? These are the companies, which were taking people to and fro for just a simple work; people were traveling for simple meetings. Even though there is no need to travel they were traveling to long distances by flights. But the non-related companies are competing with them now a day do you know how? Just look here the companies like HP and CISCO are competing with the Travel companies, they brought the Video conferencing solutions and the competition started, they people were arranging small meetings at their own places and avoid traveling. Wow a new thought competition.

Do you know who is competing the Film Industry – Do you know who is competing with Shahrukh Khan, Yes It is Sachin Tendulkar. We know when there is a big cricket match people like to sit before the TV sets and not in Theaters Dear it is competition.

So friends the future is scary Change is the only thing, which is Changing continuously, if you are ready to change, the change will change you.

So friends every business is getting change and if we are ready to change then and then only we can be great leader in the MLM Industry, So judge the MLM companies and If you think this company will help in getting success you can get success. So get involved with the company which has all the products and which is ready to change with the change.
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