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Best Internet Connection In India and Specifications

BSNL 3G plus BigPond Wifi Router I am a regular Internet User in India and using Internet since 1995 and I had faced almost all the hurdles and problems of Internet service providers in India, start from Government to Private Internet service providers they promise the best and had lot of problems with them.

The main problem is speed, second is the rates and third and most important is their service.

I used personally as well as run my own internet browsing centers and faced lot of problems during my those online journey.

At last I am succeeded in getting a excellent Internet connection, service provider and the instruments to get the latest technology based Internet connection with excellent speed and no problems at all.

What is that?

The BSNL 3G Sim Based Broadband Internet Connection, easily available just by purchasing their Prepaid Sim or Postpaid one, Just buy a 3G sim from BSNL for Rs. 180 and Recharge it for 1499 for full month unlimited data online without any cable hurdles.

BSNL 3G is giving me 1.2 mbps speed minimum in India and it gets increased as they update their technical things later.

So where to put the sim, to get the connection on our personal computer, It is very simple, they have got the 3G USB Modem small and simple, if you like it or if you are using for one system then it is very good.

And if you need some WIFI and Connectivity on more than one system, then the BigPond 3G for BSNL is very good; you can buy it for RS. 10000 anywhere in India with simple search and this helps you to connect the BSNL 3G connection with its SIM Slot and LAN and WIFI connection Slots you can use it on any number of computers.

So no need to wait for other Internet connections or wrong promises of broadband connection go for BSNL 3G with BIGPOND 3G WIFI Router.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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