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Tree of Knowledge - The Collect-able Encyclopedia

Tree of Knowledge Magazine in India - A new magazine called Tree of Knowledge is booming in India,The Tree of Knowledge is a best collection it has a new way to learn and understand the world around you. It is an indispensable source of information and knowledge for your children that will help with their homework and school projects.

All you need to know about Tsunami, Ghengis Khan & the White Tiger and more in different issues is ready.

A World of Knowledge at your child's fingertips. Each issue of tree of knowledge is divided into 5 sections plus a cool quiz to cover all the key subjects. Each section is colour-coded for quick and easy reference. Issue-by-issue, you will build a complete encyclopaedia to help your child discover, learn and understand the fascinating world around them.

You can also manage your collection. For easy reference you can store your issues in practical binders and use the dividers to file them in the relevant sections. You can use the page numbers as a guide within the section of your binder. To make sure you find your way around the collection easily the tokmagazine is supplying a complete index.

To Know more you can visit: Tree of Knowledge Magazine website
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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