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Seopressor Vs Top 5 SEO Plug Ins How Does it Rank?

advanced webmasterFriends if you are here by search results for "seopressor, wordpress plug in, advanced seo, seo webmasters, give newbies advanced webmaster, major selling, selling point, wordpress plugin, seo world, successes daniel, backlinks syndication" then you are on the right article Read this for better seo techniques Written By Bob D Williams: The new kid on the block is Seopressor this plug in has had a tremendous amount of hype surrounding the launch. There are some claims that it can take any website or niche and if you follow the simple steps it can raise you to not only the first page of Google but in the top 3 spots. That is a very bold claim for any software. We will take a look under the hood of Seopressor and tell you if it is fact or fiction?

For years now goggle has ranked WordPress very high because of their respect for the WordPress platform. Every year there are thousands of WordPress plug ins that come out that claim they can do this or that. Some in fact are a tremendous aid in the SEO of your blog. But others just simply do not live up to the marketing hype that surrounds them. Today we are going to look at some plug ins for WordPress that claim they can optimize your on page SEO and improve your rankings in Google.

The new kid on the block is Seopressor this plug in has had a tremendous amount of hype surrounding the launch. There are some claims that it can take any website or niche and if you follow the simple steps it can raise you to not only the first page of Google but in the top 3 spots. That is a very bold claim for any software. We will talk a look under the hood of Seopressor and see how it stacks up against some other SEO plugins. And find out if in fact Seopressor can live up to its bold claims or is just hype.

There are a lot of very good WordPress plug ins out there that are very effective.

All in one SEO has been a main stay for years and is very effective at helping anyone set up there blog SEO. It has a ton of features where you can no follow categories or archives. It is very effective for setting up your page title, description and keywords.

Google Analytics - since its creation has been a mainstay for webmasters as it allows you to track your visitors and their habits and search terms. Staying on top of your visitors preferences is vital to getting free organic traffic.

Google XML Sitemap generator - This plug in is more advanced and customizeable sitemap generator. There are various options that will support multi level pages and support for permalinks,categories, comments and much more.

SEO Smart Links This plugin will link internal words to your websites pages good internal link structure is important to Google and will get you better rankings. We would always put this plug in in our top 5 to improve on page SEO.

Seopressor in depth review this is the new kid on the block with some very bold claims let us look at it closer and see if it is hype or if in fact it can live up to its bold claims.

First off Seopressor is a WordPress plug in that works in tandum with the WordPress content system. From our initial look at Seopressor it became clear this is plug in packs a punch as far as features. First this plug in is very valuable to new webmasters or anyone who is not comfortable doing on page SEO. It was designed with the newbie in mind as it is very easy to use and navigate. We tested Seopressor on 3 trial sites and over a week's time we found all three sites had improved their goggle rankings for the keywords we targeted. To keep things simple for the newbie this plugin does what others fail to do it will give vital suggestions on how to improve your on page SEO. It will keep track of your keyword density so your posts are not keyword spammed but have enough keyword density to rank well. The way Seopressor does this is by a unique SEO score. It will tell you exactly how your page or post ranks and you will then be able to go back and edit and adjust your keywords until Seopressor gives you a approved score. For a newbie this is invaluable for there on page SEO sure any experienced SEO guru or webmaster can do all of this manually but this plugin will save even the most experienced webmaster time and effort. And for the newbie he can now compete with the big boys of SEO with this on page SEO tool Seopressor. For example if your keyword was forgotten in the title very important as Google ranks the title higher. Then Seopressor will add the keyword automatically for you if you did not do so at first.

What it does is simply add the keyword at the end of your title that way goggle will index your main keyword as part of the H1 title tag. Seopressor will keep track of all of your H1, H2, And H3 tags and give you suggestions on what you need to do.

The real beauty of Seopressor is the score it gives you if your post of page is not optimized enough any score under 35% us not acceptable to get a high Google ranking. So all you do is go back and adjust your keywords until your post or page gets a score about 35% what could be simpler than that. The simplicity of this tool is its major selling point for us. And that it will appeal not only to the advanced webmaster but to the new website owner as well and give newbie's a chance to compete with more advanced SEO webmasters.

WE decided to look at who developed this new WordPress plugin his name is Daniel Tan if you are new to SEO then you may not have heard about him before. But Daniel tan is very well respected in the SEO world and is considered a SEO guru as they are called. He has come up with several successful SEO product launches and his new Seopressor is sure to follow in the footsteps of some of his past successes.

Daniel Tan has developed

The backlinks syndication system

Rank Mover

Ultimate Rss Joiner

Press Release Cash Cow

Just to name a few of his past success stories, and as stated before we feel Seopressor will follow in their footsteps and in our opinion may out do all of them combined it is that powerful.

In Conclusion

We rank Seopressor as the most amazing SEO plug in of the year and it would be our #1choice on any top 5 list of must have WordPress SEO plug ins.

The main reason we feel this way are condensed into our top 2 reason to own this software.

1. Ease of use this plug in is so simple to use that it can be used by any newbie they will be able to improve there SEO rankings immediately. With Seopressors scoring system it takes very little time and effort to get good goggle rankings.

2. Effective Seopressor not only can save an experienced webmaster time and effort but it will do the very same thing for a first time website owner. Being able to appeal and to benefit not only experienced SEO people but new website owners as well is our number 1 reason we feel Seopressor is the most impressive SEO Plug in To come out in years.

Bob D Williams has been involved in the seo field for over ten years.
Working in various seo services but specializing in link building services.
And in search engine optimization.

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