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Published by on Monday, November 1, 2010 at 7:20:00 PM

Netflix will launch streaming video app on Google Android OS

Netflix streaming video appIt is in the news that Netflix is working on a streaming video application for mobile phones working on Googles Android operating system.

We know that there is already an unofficial Netflix app for Android phones, but it uses up your handset’s battery and displays a lot of ads, so an official app would be very welcome by every Android phone user all over the world.

Netflix will soon be available from just about any digital medium, especially with the news that the popular streaming service is likely headed for Android.

Following in the footsteps of most gaming consoles, set-top boxes, the iPad and (soon) the iPhone, Ars Technica is reporting that an Android version will be in development after spotting a job posting for an “Android Video Playback Expert.”.

With more mobile access to video streaming with the progression of tablets and improved smartphones, it’s no surprise that Netflix is working on support for the Google OS. It would sure be nice to watch Netflix’s Watch Instantly service from an HTC Evo 4G or Motorola Droid X.

But, there’s no official news on this project just yet, but stay tuned for now. There’s surely much more to come from this.

We also know that Netflix released an app for Apple's iPad tablet earlier this year, and the DVD rental company is apparently now setting its sites on Android-based devices.

In a recent earnings call, Netflix chief executive Reed Hastings said that the percentage of subscribers who used its "Watch Instantly" streaming service for 15 minutes or more during the second quarter jumped to 61 percent, up from 37 percent last year. He also reiterated that Netflix is evolving from a DVD-by-mail supplier to a streaming service.

Netflix released an app for Apple's iPad in April. Subscribers can watch the company's entire streaming library as often as they like.

The company recently inked a deal with Relativity Media to stream the studio's movies via Watch Instantly months after they are released in theaters, and announced plans to expand into Canada.

So this says that Netflix is launching a streaming video app for smartphones working on Google Android soon.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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