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How to Compress PDF Files

How to Compress PDF Files By Saner Rijet We all know that Internet has proved to be a boon to mankind and when it comes to sharing information with others then this remains the topmost mode. It lets you receive or send files at the highest speed whereby you just need uploading or downloading documents that are needed. A major fraction of populace makes use of this kind of data sharing technique since it is a very comfortable and time-saving process. But this comfort is restricted to only those documents that are in the PDF format. Such files can be compressed easily as this enables it to consume less space and a person gets to open the files at real fast pace. Uploading of data files that are large in size can be done comfortably under this format.

By lowering the resolution, the pixels get reduced and this is one good way to compress the size. You could make use of Adobe Photoshop which would show the unneeded pixel content which you could get rid of. In case there are images in the document and you could compromise over the picture quality then with photo editing tool you could lower the image resolution which would take least space to fit into a file. However at the same time doing this carefully is advised else the graphics might look too pixelated when are printed on a paper. If this is something you feel uncomfortable with then you could save the document by selecting the option 'Save As' as it would overwrite the file that would probably now take less space.

In optimizer there is generally a menu bar named as 'Advanced option'. This helps in identifying that very particular component in the file which has unnecessarily consumed a lot of space or is large and then after the identification process is completed you could remove those components. At times fonts do take up a good amount of space given they are large in size so you could reduce it. In order to discard some needless objects in the document, select 'Discard Objects' menu and delete items you do not require. Use PDF converter to convert word to PDF or vice versa.

Saner Rijet is an IT professional with over 7 years experience working in academic and industry. For an easy solution to convert your Word to PDF documents; visit his site at PDF Converter.

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