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Buying Dell Computers - Secrets to Saving Hundreds!

computer, computers, dell, pc, new computer, dell outlet, cheap computer - By William R Thomas Learn how to save hundreds of dollars when you purchase a computer from Dell. Several secrets and two simple methods guaranteed to save you money next time you need a computer.

Some people get great deals from while others overpay. Which type of Dell shopper are you?

Here are two methods for buying computers from Dell that will save you hundreds of dollars every time. The first step, with both methods, is to decide what you really need to do with the computer. If you want to edit video, that requires a lot more horsepower than sending email pictures to grandma. And a replacement computer at the office has different requirements than a home machine.

Dell has lines of computers that will help you to narrow down your choices. Get familiar with the various lines. High end power users will want to look at the XPS line while most home users can stick to the Vostro line. Business users should generally choose Optiplex for desktops and Latitude for notebooks. Home users can choose the Inspiron line of laptops.

Once you have your line picked out, pick out a particular model number that has the features you need and establish a base price. Now you know what you want, and you have a starting price so you will recognize a good deal when you see it.

If you have a little time, take the patient approach. Go to and sign up for email alerts of specials. (You can always unsubscribe once you have made your purchase.) Watch the newspapers and mail for special deals, and check the Dell website each day as the special offers change daily.

Seems simple right? Here is the secret. When you find a deal that you want, take the special exactly as advertised and resist all urges to customize it. The customization part of Dell's website is where they get you to sell yourself on all the extra bells and whistles that you don't need. You'll spend an hour at the website trying to decide if you should spend the $89 extra for the next fastest processor or another $119 for a larger capacity hard drive.

Don't do it! Dell knows you will and this is what they count on with the aggressive deals they offer. The whole idea is to get you into the online store with a great deal and then sell you more profitable items once you are there. Stick to your guns and take the special as is, with no upgrades. That's all there is to it, a little patience and discipline and you just saved a lot of money.

If you need a computer tomorrow and you don't have the luxury of shopping for great deals, the second method is the Dell outlet. Didn't know Dell had an outlet? Because Dell makes all of their computers to order, they keep no inventory on hand. When someone cancels an order or sends back a machine for some reason, Dell fixes the computer, repackages it, and sells it for a huge discount in their online outlet. (Look at the bottom of the Dell website for a link.)

You can find all kinds of machines from servers to home desktops to business laptops on the site and the inventory changes hourly. I have purchased a business class laptop on the outlet for $450 less than the same laptop on the regular website. You also can't customize the computers on the outlet site, which makes it easier to avoid the extra upgrades you are usually tempted into purchasing on the regular site.

The outlet machines are all covered by the same warranty but may have some cosmetic flaws. The description of the machine will tell you whether it was refurbished, open box, used, or off lease. And another bonus - shipping is usually free when you purchase from the Dell outlet!

Bill Thomas owns Thomas Consulting LLC in Rockport, Maine.

Thomas Consulting LLC provides managed IT services and technology integration to dental practices through and general IT support and computer repair to Maine businesses through

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