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How to buy a computer built to your own specifications

computer with your own specificationsMost professionals eventually find themselves in a position where they need to significantly upgrade and customize their computer requirements. Graphic designers, writers, software developers, video and media producers all need top of the range production equipment, hardware and software. At this point in your career, you actually need your own built-in computer support. Many computer technicians can quite literally build your computer from scratch to meet all your requirements.

The economics of the custom-made computer

One of the sure signs that you need a custom-made computer is when all your work seems to involve various issues related to what your computer will and won't do. This can be a particularly aggravating process, and more to the point it's also counter-productive, and effectively costing you money.

Depending on your line of work, you’ll already have some fairly clear ideas about what your computer should be able to do, if no idea why it can't do these things. The simple fact is that most computers have a performance threshold, and they simply can't handle more complex tasks. Video cards, for example, can only do so much. Some computers simply can't manage exotic software programs like those used by software developers, because they're not designed to do those things.

In most cases, what’s usually required is a lot more "grunt" in specific computer capabilities. This extends to the hardware as well, which can be assumed to be immoral as market standard, and therefore of inferior quality. There's also the fact that a lot of older operating systems are pretty hopeless, and you may also need to upgrade your operating system.

Designing a new computer from scratch

You are strongly advised to consult with your computer technician and check out your options. For example, depending on your type of work, you may be better off with a dual core or quad core processor, or perhaps even a virtual setup of some sort.
If the first word that went through your head reading that last sentence was "cost", that's exactly why you need to consult with your service technician. It really is best to start from the basics and develop your ideas for your computer from the fundamentals with some expert guidance.

This really isn't a difficult process, provided you stick to dealing with functional issues. Never mind the latest thing on the market, stick to what you actually need. This drastically simplifies the process of creating a custom-made computer.

The fundamentals really are pretty basic:

• Processor capacity and speed
• RAM capabilities
• 32, 64 or 128 bit architecture
• Operating system
• Video card
• Sound card
• TV card

Now the really good news –

The beauty of a custom-made computer is that you can upgrade at will, and improve your productivity enormously and cheaply. Computer repairs are easier, too. Custom-made computers also come with warranties, and if you've got a good service person, particularly locally, your custom-made computer will reduce your operating costs considerably.
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