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Bakugan Battle Brawlers Wii Game

www bakugan online computer gameIf you came here with these keywords in Search "wii game, top wii games,Wii reviews,video game,cheap wii game prices,wii rpg,wii battle game,score" you are on the right place Read the following article - Summary - This Wii video game adaptation of the world of Bakugan offers unprecedented scenario at least as intense as the cartoon. You play a young player who is passionate about Bakugan fights but is totally ignorant on the subject. RPG Wii games in the charts this Christmas.

By Chip Searl The Bakugan Battle Brawlers license is still unknown in America but Battle Brawlers has fans on the other side of the Pacific. The game has nothing original: it is simply a anime depicting monsters battles, the famous Bakugans, which have already been declined in a range of toys and are now appearing on our Nintendo Wii. The background: One strange day cards began to fall from the sky and children around the world have found nothing better than to invent a brawler game. Specifically, the confrontation in question consists of first placing cards on the playing surface, then rolling your ball over the card, and when deployed, brings life to the famous Bakugans.

This Wii video game adaptation of the world of Bakugan offers unprecedented scenario at least as intense as the cartoon. You play a young player who is passionate about Bakugan fights but is totally ignorant on the subject. Fortunately for him, Dan, the hero of the animated series and incidentally the leader of Bakugan Fighters, will take under his wing to teach him the art of small strings. Good news never comes alone and your apprentice hero also fortunate to come across a particularly powerful Bakugan who literally falls from the sky. Instead of asking questions about the particular strange weather, your little protégé will serve as the newcomer, a person named Leonidas.

The adventure that awaits you essentially comes down to a succession of challenges that quickly end up being alike: first he put his "cards portals" and then launches one by one of your Bakugas on it. There is a clash when two creatures meet on the same card, then the strength of each of the bugs are compared, they were given bonuses linked to the card on which they are located and can also boost the sudden "card capabilities". Each Bakugan is available in six different elements: water, earth, fire, wind, light and darkness. Partly based on this attribute, it will depend on the bonuses you can scrounge. Once a battle starts, you can still get some extra by completing the mini-game that is offered. Fighting in fact always give rise to one of the following three activities: you would either shake the Wii remote or target and then draw on the symbols that match your attribute, or you beat a game of rhythm very simplistic.

Your victories will help you improve your small fighters and acquiring new cards to the corner store, but again we would like to find a little more diversity (compared to Pokemon games available). Fortunately Bakugan Battle Brawlers also offers a multiplayer mode to challenge your friends but again the balance is not perfect and we must simply use decks predetermined and it is impossible to use the character that you develop in Adventure Mode. Finally, we would also like see an online story mode to compare players to other horizons. In conclusion, behind a friendly design and a concept that could be original, Bakugan Battle Brawlers on Nintendo Wii scores only 4/10 for me. The Wii game's price tag has already became much cheaper since release on November 20th, you can save £10.00 on this game today. Similarly the game price has been reduced on other console formats too; perhaps even bigger saving will be made during the post Christmas sales.

Thankfully, there are much better RPG Wii games coming out and already in the charts this Christmas. This style video game is indeed hard to take off when applied to an Wii game and especially due to Pokemon's loyal fans.

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