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Published by on Wednesday, October 20, 2010 at 7:21:00 PM

Security Tips – “Unsecured Wi-Fi Networks may be Hacked”

Wi-Fi Security - Today let us know some basic info on Inernet Security on Wi-Fi Networks: How can we get secured with our unsecured internet and Documents on our Wi- Fi Network.

Say if we have a Wi-Fi Network enabled in our living area or office so where is the risk? If our network is open to all, accessable to all then our Wi-Fi router can be accessed by any one available under 100 mts range.

It happens to all becuase when ever a person buys a Wi-fI router and starts working on it after setup, the router has the company settings or say default settings which can be accessible by all by getting your ip address and they can use. Say our Inernet or any confidential things shared.

So How can we protect our Wi-Fi from hackers and fraud users, Yes it is possible, If you know some basic settings then you can secure your Wi-Fi Connection.

First if you have an advanced Wi-Fi Router, then you can manage the range settings, and set it as per your requirement in your office or home.

Four simple tips to get secured on our Wi-Fi Network.

As we know that by default there is a name (SSI ID or ESSI ID) for each and every router, It shows us to whom we are connecting and the name of the available routers nearby.

By removing the name from the router settings it can prevent and dont show the people there is some Wi-Fi network available nearby. So this is the technique which prevents broadcasting of our Wi-Fi availability.

Then the Second best tip to secure our Wi-Fi Network is Data Encryption, Under the wireless security settings there are four encryptions settings available basically, Just enable the SES Security and any other avaialble security and add password to it, This is the second best option to secure your Wi-Fi.

Then the Third available security Option for Wi-Fi Network is MAC ID Filtering, We know that all the network cards including Wi-Fi has the MAC ID facility, We can get it in the MAC settings and every system gets a unique MAC ID, so here we can change or assign all the MAC ID’s to get access for the system we are providing access and disable others, this just gives access to the provided MAC ID and prevent others , this is the best and complete security for our Wi-Fi Routers.

And to prevent the shared files access from our Wi-Fi Network, We just have to go to Our Windows Firewall Settings or if we were using other OS just we have to find the Firewall Settings by clicking on the Change settings and going to Exceptions and we have to disable the File and Printer Sharing, this will secure our files on the Wi-Fi Network, We can disable the file sharing until it wont require to us and whenever we need it just we have enable it and after doing our work we can disable it.

So friends these are some security options to prevent access to our Wi-Fi based Network, I will also write on How to secure our Bluetooth on our Mobile Phones soon.
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