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Published by on Friday, October 8, 2010 at 3:35:00 PM

Online movie websites – Watch on your PC and Laptops.

online movie websites - Friends there were only options available to watch movies in yester years we all know that we have to either hire a CD/DVD from any video parlor or buy them to see on our TV sets if CD/DVD players available with us, and the other option is to go to any Cinema theatre.

But now days there were lot of options if we have Internet connection on our PC or DVD, we can download movies or we can watch them live on several websites.

But which are the best online movie websites to watch movies online on our PC or Laptops., It is really a very interesting website here you can watch the movies which you missed in Multiplex because of its short run, you can watch such movies with pay per view mode by paying online using your credit card, after paying you can download on your pc or laptop and watch it later or online.

utvworldmovies And if you are interested in watching World Cinema movies like Korean, Japanese, French, Dutch movies, then there is another website called This website is designed in a very unique manner, you can not only checkout the schedule you can also check in which country which movie is playing what time it will play who is the actors and many great features with a great index too.

You can use the menu to select the country, language, and actors to search the movies of your interest. There is also a map feature just like Google Map, where you can click on the places and it will show you the name of the movie playing on the region where you want to find as per the region, as per the country the results are very unique and flexible to sort out our interest based movies worldwide.

You can also click on the map say India, it will show you which movies are related to India, who are the actors, who is the director and many details like schedule to run on and also it also gives you the details like in which multiplex or theatre it is running or going to come after its release.

So these are the two unique websites to see movies online at your home on your time by paying legally and you will be the polite citizen who is watching the movies by paying them indirectly.
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