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Published by on Monday, October 18, 2010 at 5:08:00 PM

Mobile Handsets, which works on Windows Phone 7 OS

Windows Phone 7 - Friends today I like to discuss with you on Windows Phone 7 Mobile Handsets which are new to us, the mobile phones which works on Windows Phone 7 OS which was developed by Microsoft the Big Giant in the Software World. I will just give some five to six best featues of the phones.

Dell Venue ProDell Venue Pro: - It is designed with a slider QWERTY Keypad, and also a 4.1 touch screen, after sliding this phone’s size comes to 6.4 inches, It has a 5 mega pixel photography camera with which we can record HD video recording, It also supports 3.5 G network, WiFi, GPS features. And it assumed that it would launch in the month of December 2010.

HTC MozartHTC Mozart: - If you are crazy about music then this mobile handset will be the best one for you, I has the best sound feature with SRS WOW HD Surround Sound, It has a built-in multimedia player known as ZUNE, It is well designed to have it as a wonderful device which is built by the brushed aluminum uni-body, and it has a 8ghz Snapdragon Processor in it. It also comes with a 8 mega pixel photography camera, It is assumed to be launched in the month of November 2010.

HTC TrophyHTC Trophy: - If you are crazy about gaming on your mobile phone then this will be the best for you, you can feel all the XBOX Life features in it. It comes with a 3.8 inch clear touch screen by which you can enjoy the games, You can best sound for all games you play on them with its SRS WOW Surround Sound System available in it. You can even enjoy the photography by its 5-mega-pixel camera. It is assumed that it will launch within a week or two.

HTC HD7HTC HD7: - This Windows 7 Phone comes with a 4.3 High Definition Touch Screen; it has a very beautiful and large Screen, on which you can enjoy the video viewing with its stand on the backside which helps us to see the video as TV Sets, It comes with a 1 GZ Snapdragon processor, and a 5 mp photography camera too by which we can record HD videos.

HTC SurroundHTC Surround: - Its specialty is its popup speakers, which can be slider out to view the movies on it with surround sound clarity, HTC Surround as the best sound features with SRS WOW Surround and Dolby Mobile which can be used as a combination of these both sound features. It has 3.8 touch screen and a 5 mp camera by which we can record 720p HD Videos. It is also assumed that it will launch in the month of December 2010.

HTC 7 ProHTC 7 Pro: - It is a combination of smart phone and multimedia phone; it has the software facility by which we can view all the Microsoft Office Documents in it. You can also use Share point to share data on your phone. It has a 3.6 touch screen with full slide out QWERTY Key Pad; it runs on 1Ghz processor for processing all apps fast. It has 5-mega-pixel photography camera, by which we can record HD Videos of 720p quality. It is assumed to launch in the next coming year.

Samsung FocusSamsung Focus: - This Windows 7 Phone comes with a 4 inches touch screen with super AMOLED screen, It has good apps for social networking lovers, You can also download as many apps through Windows Market Place available on it. It also has a 5 mp camera.

Samsung Omnia 7Samsung Omnia 7: - Another Windows 7 phone from Samsung also comes with a 4 inches touch screen with super AMOLED Screen, It is a smart phone hence it has a 1 Ghz Qualcomm Processor, It also comes with a 5 mp camera where we can record 720p HD Videos, It also have the XBOX Live and ZUNE Media Player for music and gaming enjoyment. It has 8GB and 16GB memory options.

LG QuantumLG Quantum: This is Windows Phone 7 from LG, It is also a slider phone with full QWERTY Key Pad, It also has a 5 mp camera, for fast processing it has a 1Ghz Qualcomm. Which has 16GB internal memory and WiFI Features in this phone.

LG Optimus 7LG Optimus 7: - This is another Windows Phone 7 from LG, This phone comes with a 3.8 inches touch screen, 16GB internal memory and 5 mp camera for photography, and also we can use its camera to record HD videos. It also comes with a BLUETOOTH 2.1 connectivity feature for pairing, and Proximity sensor is another great feature in this phone.

So these are some phones which will be arriving soon in the market which works on Windows Phone 7 OS, so it is up to you friends which one will you prefer to buy as your future phone. If you like to review the above windows 7 phones below is our comments section you all are welcome to share your opinions reg. the above mobile phones.
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