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Published by on Wednesday, October 6, 2010 at 12:15:00 PM

Learn Speaking English with MahaGurus (Saral English)

English speaking made easy with Saral English - Friends today I found a very unique product while watching a TV channel, the best product of TeleMall – for speaking English, learning English, English conversations made easy for children’s to elders.

The product of TeleMall is known as Saral English, which is the best English Learning package.Saral English MahaGuru has put all his sincere efforts in making English language easier and more convenient to learn.

Based on DAY-BY-DAY Learning Methodology, BY Learning SARAL ENGLISH you don’t need any teacher or institute. The best part of this package is its treatment to English Learning Techniques. These techniques are practiced based and not based on grammatical formula.

Saral English super value pack Includes:

English Mahaguru Basic

English Mahaguru Intermediate

English Mahaguru Advanced

Personality Development Guide

Day to Day English Conversation

Art of Letter Writting

English-Hindi Dictionary

So I am planning to buy this English Learning Package in India from TeleMall for My children and even I too like to learn more for more frequency and needy conversations.

I like you all to study about this English learning package and review it or comment on this page.

Note: We are not Related to telemall website Check it before buying.
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