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Gary pool seo

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Steps to Learn SEO Friendly Web Design

It is not really easy trying to design and build a perfect web site fitted with search engine optimization tools meant to improve search ranking and traffic to a site. Much as this is near impossible achieving a near perfect state for a SEO friendly web site will require thorough planning and a systematic method to achieve the desired state. A search engine optimization friendly website design is expected to be planned bearing in mind the following before being built: the keywords to be used for the uniform resource locator, and CSS style sheets must be well researched, the keyword concentration should be appropriate, the keywords to be used for the header tags and anchor tags should also be well examined before being applied. On the other hand, the uses of frame, flash image, in the text area of the site are pitfalls that should be guarded against when trying to design a SEO friendly site.

The act of building a search engine optimization friendly website entails carrying out research for keywords which will also come in handy to be used effectively as word trackers on the web page. Word trackers are very important to any competent web designer who realizes the need to optimize web research tools because it is the source from which relevant database could be identified which could attract attention of visitors to the site. Web designers also need to be adequately acquainted with the concept of competition search and misspelling search to help them in their web search optimization plan during the development stage of the web site.

Keywords to be used for the website are always thought to be very difficult in acquiring when you think of the research that goes into picking them. But beyond that is the process of correctly placing this well researched keyword at the appropriate title and header tags. An inexperienced web designer might do a through job in picking his keywords but if he is not careful or knowledgeable about tactics in web optimization he might dump the keywords in the wrong title or header tags. It is also important for every web designer to know that placing keywords in the uniform resource locator also requires tact, multiple words required to be placed in the URL needs to be detached by dashes.

Asides the design on the web page or any associated symbol the text page of the site should be free from any sort of image and you can be sure that having taking all the above into consideration your website will be SEO friendly.

About the Author: Peter Wong is webmaster for over 10 years
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