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Published by on Saturday, October 2, 2010 at 6:01:00 PM

Free Talk time For Pre-Paid by Embee Mobile Minute Wallet

Free Mobile Recharge in India - Hello friends : Today I came with very exiting news for all pre-paid mobile phone users. The best thing case in the form of a facebook app, If you have a facebook account then this app is for you. Embee Mobile Minute Wallet - (Free mobile phone recharge option in India) the best ever made app for facebook users who are using it on your phone or on your mobile phone, you can earn, buy, redeem, and share all through the easy application called Embee Mobile Minute Wallet on Facebook.

The best part about this application is you can earn free talktime without paying for anything! Simply fill out surveys and take a few quizzes and the minutes roll into your account. Don't have the time for that type of activity? Simply buy minutes using paypal, credit card, google checkout or the "spare change" option provided by Facebook.

I started using Embee Mobile Minute Wallet as a skeptical user, but before long I started earning minutes quickly.

Once we receive Embee Minutes we can redeem them to boost mobile phone airtime.
If you are a pre-paid phone user any where in the world as well as in India and also a Facebook user then I highly recommend Embee Mobile Minute Wallet to you, I am using it on my Reliance CDMA Mobile Number in India and it is working fine.

Signing up is as easy as receiving a confirmation number sent straight to your phone, and then entering it into the system. Don't fret if you don't receive text messages, they also offer to bypass this in the initial sign up process. This is a great idea for those who are looking for an alternate way to load up those free minutes or talk time to your pre-paid phone. Try it out today, there's nothing to lose and no purchase necessary to earn those minutes!
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