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Free Digital Photo Software for Basic Photo Editing Needs

Free digital photo software -By Dominique Vangheel: You will be surprised to learn that free digital photo software can be quite sufficient in managing and editing your images. Most of the free software available comes equipped with basic editing functionalities that let you enhance your photos with just one click. Yes, they are ideal for beginners and they actually get the job done.

Most free digital photo softwares have basic editing functionalities, such as cropping, sharpening, adjusting the tone and color, and removing red-eye and blemishes. Designed to be as easy to use as possible, you don't have to be an expert to be able to produce professional-looking photos.

Free Digital Photo Software: GIMP

GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a powerful photo editor that lets you manipulate your images. You can find many functionalities that are similar to those of Photoshop. It has a cloning, healing, and distortion correcting features that allows you to retouch your photos. It also has layers, channels, and scripting capabilities for a more advanced manipulation.

Free Digital Photo Software: Picasa

Picasa is developed by Google. It is an efficient software that lets you organize the thousands of images stored in your computer. Picasa keeps track of your photos and shows you your albums through thumbnails of images. You can also edit your images - remove red-eye and blemishes, crop, and add effects to enhance them. It also lets you create photo collages and slideshows of your favorite pictures and share them online. There is also a geo-tagging feature that connects to Google Maps.

Free Digital Photo Software: Irfanview

Irfanview is a simple and fast photo editor that has the basic functionalities you would need and more. Aside from the basic editing functionalities, it allows you to apply batch conversions and other image enhancing techniques - sharpen, add blur, change color depth, and etc. It also lets you edit and open images in a variety of formats - it supports JPEG, GIF, ICO, TIFF, BMP, and a lot more.

Free Digital Photo Software: Kodak EasyShare

Kodak EasyShare is much like Picasa. It basically allows you to find and organize, edit, and share your photos with ease. You can tag and rate your photos, making them easier to find. Even if you move your pictures, Kodak EasyShare will be able to locate your pictures. It also features one-touch functionalities that let you retouch, crop, and add text. You can also make a video and attach music. This free digital photo software will allow you to share your photos and videos online - upload them directly to Facebook or YouTube.

You don't have to choose one. You can go ahead and try each one to work out which one will suit your personal needs. These free digital photo softwares are okay, but there are of course better ones available. They do come with a price tag though, so you'd better work out what you need exactly before you buy expensive stuff you don't really use!

To learn more about the different features of some of the popular free digital photo software available on the market today, check out the []free digital photo software -page of

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Article Source: Free Digital Photo Software for Your Basic Photo Editing Needs
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