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Computer Terms And Their Meanings

Basic Computer Terms - By Mitz Pantic Computers are new to us and are a growing phenomenon. Unfortunately with this rapid change comes new computer terms and meanings faster than you can blink an eye and say "shiver me timbers". Isn't a desktop simply the top of your desk? No wonder the average person gets confused and stressed when confronted with basic computer terminology.

- Computer

A machine is invented to calculate or perform other real time operations. In other words, a computer is a device having a group of software and hardware.

- Program

A sequence that gives instruction to computer from user and completes the task is called program. It is designed to process different types of tasks in the computer according to our need and necessity.

- Operating System (OS)

An operating system helps the hardware to perform several tasks and works together to produce desire results. Whenever you start computer, the operating system like window, or Mac restores your previous setting of all installed software and let it to perform according to user input. For example, you command software to download certain files from internet. It is a duty of operating system to keep remembers the information with the interface of the software.

- Application

Application is designed to accomplish multi tasks with the help of operating system. All applications are dependent on Operating system. For example, music playing, web browsing, database application, chat application (messengers) etc.

- File

A file is an entity of data available to computer users. The file has a unique name and directory. In some operating system, executable file is required to have a suffix ".exe", limited by the operating system to the number of characters for the particular suffix.

- Internet

The internet is architecture, designed to deal with connectivity and a communication infrastructure. It is used to pack delivery and variety of end communication, storage and access to an unlimited range of informational resources. In short, internet is an actual network where information is stored and accessed. Things like FTP, Internet gaming, Internet Relay chat (IRC) and e-mail are a part of internet.

- World Wide Web

Www stands for World Wide Web that is a part of the internet. There are so many websites on internet stored on particular servers. You use a browser to access desired web page for research purpose. The Hyper- Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is the method used to transfer web pages to our computer; all web pages are written in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) format which are associated with HTTP.

- Hypertext

A text, image or other presentational devices displayed on computer easily read by the user of the computer on internet is called hypertext. It is a branch of World Wide Web, designed to share or access the information on internet very easily.

- Source Code

It is a composition developed by programmers for computer users. The code language written by an assembler in a sequence is translated into object code. In the World Wide Web, We consider hyper text Markup language used as a source.

- Browser

It is a useful program that displays the files and data on internet through World Wide Web. Many browsers are popular these days like Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer, Netscape, Opera etc. Such browsers interpret the HTML tags to be viewed on computer screen.

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