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iTunes Software Downloads - What's Hot and What's Not

iTune music Software downloads - By Willhelm Williams

Tweak your iPod and Mac with iTunes Software Downloads

iPod has long been known for its elegant and uncluttered interface. This 'clean' look has been maintained with almost all of the software associated with Mac's and iPod's. Whether you own a classic iPod, an iPod shuffle, a Nano or if it is the iTunes that you currently use to play your digital music library, there are iTunes software downloads that you can use to maximize your digital music listening experience.

Examples of iTunes software downloads

First up, there is the iTunes 7.6.1. iTunes has definitely come a long way from the first software version which came when the iPod was first released in the market. From there, a newer version, iTunes 2, was released in the last quarter of the year 2001. There were minor improvements made and over the years, almost everything that you need in a digital jukebox can be found in the latest version of the iTunes software.

The Apple iTunes 7.6.1 is something which can be included with your list of iTunes software downloads. This is actually just a minor upgrade to the media player, but it offers a lot of flexibility for the users. Those who own video iPods can now preview and download full-length movies and television programs. These, are of course, available affordable prices. Sharing your entire music library has never been easier with the latest version of iTunes where Internet Radio is also available. The Apple iTunes 2 also supports iTunes Plus and offers enhanced features like movie rentals management for US residents.

Other iTunes Software Downloads

Aside from the main iTunes software, there is a bunch of other types of software that you can download which will work with iPod. For iPod owners who do not own a Mac unit, there is the iTunes for Windows software that you can download. With this software, you can manage your music collection using the simple and easy drag-and-drop functionality. Music videos, television shows and AirTunes enhancement are also available for Windows.

If you want to up the ante in your music listening experience, you can download the Soundcrank iTunes Plug-in which lets you obtain the song lyrics and create an album art for your digital music collection. This is viewable on your iPod once the software updates your music files.

The iTunes Art Importer, iTunes Sync, Mini iTunes and the Volume Logic for Windows iTunes are the other types of software that you can download, which will all work well with your iPod.

For more tips and tricks troubleshooting the iTunes software go to popular iPod website that provides advice, information and resources find the latest designer iPod cases.

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