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Published by on Thursday, September 2, 2010 at 9:32:00 PM

Which is the best Internet phone?

Apple iPhone 3GS - Many of friends are asking me daily which is the best web-browsing phone; mean which is the best Internet phone?

So friends as per my knowledge the best ever made Internet browsing phone in the world is iPhone 3GS, the S denotes the speed in this phone hence it gives us the fast browsing speed and on this phone the touch screen and the page layout is just similar as seen on our computer screen but friends it cost around Rs. 35000/- for a 16GB memory and it costs around Rs.42000 for a 32GB Memory it is very costly for us in India.

HTC Legend - So if you don’t want to spend this much amount there is another option available in India that is HTC Legend, which comes with Google Android 2.1 version, It has all the options which Apple iPhone have. It has 5 mega-pixel Camera, but Apple iPhone has only 3.2 mega-pixel Camera.

And HTC Legend also has the best facilities for social networking sites because of the Google Android OS. You don’t have to go in different apps you can use only one app, you can choose any person and you can see all the social site details, like twitter updates, facebook updates, orkut, gmail, gtalk etc.

You can go for Apple iPhone 3GS for best internet browsing phone or if you don’t want to invest too much then you can have the option HTC Legend.

Both Phones are well designed to get total satisfaction for your internet browsing craze on your phones.
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