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Story of Android – Verbally by Android

Story of Android – Verbally by Android - Hello I am Android, I am designed by the search giant Google, The reason behind my design is to kick off Apple iPhone, and the very big point is I am not a mobile phone I am an operating system developed to run on mobile phones, but I have so much power that now the quad phones is taking me seriously.

I was developed by Google using Linux and designed me to work on any phones as per their requirements. And run the mobile phones on my power. By this behavior of me I had already changed the life of so many mobile companies. So many mobile factories were going to close but due to my birth they became so popular and got a new life in the mobile phone market. Due to my birth the companies like HTC, Motorola, and Sony Erricson has manufactured various startup designs and models in the mobile Industry.

In the year 2009 my first version Android 1.1 has launched, and later my second versions 1.5 came into existense, which was known as cupcake, It was so sweet as per my name and it made all the users to join the gym to low their fat due to my sweet usage things.

Later after five months my next version 1.6 came into existence it was known as donut, as we know without tea donut is nothing in the same way people were getting the taste of mobile phones with donut.

Donut gave me more popularity and later within one month my next version 2.0 came into existence it was known as éclairs, which made all my users to see the dentists by my too much sweetness, and I got more power with good hardware, browser and many more functions, the next éclair update came into existence very soon it was version 2.1 and In India now a days all Android supported phones works on my éclair 2.1 version itself.

In the last some months another version of me has developed and it was a very well known it is version 2.2, now it is very famous in US with latest phones and very soon coming to India.

I was first accepted and loved by HTC – Taiwan; HTC is the first to manufacture its first phone with android it was called as HTC Dream, And I made dream of HTC true in the Mobile Phone Industry. Hence it started kicking off the iPhones by bringing various models like HTC Hero, HTC Legend etc.

And Google Has also manufactured its first android phone called Google Nexus One joining hands with HTC.

Now we will not break our friendship it is our promise, now we will soon launch HTC Vision, HTC Desire HD, And various models in combination with all of us, Google, HTC and Me (Android).

Now what are the benefits to adopt me, I can fit in every one’s pocket very easily, you can buy me for Rs. 10,000 or Rs. 40,000 as per your budget. And I will be available in various colors and models, I am not the only one type of model like iPhone, You can buy me with any brand you like, if you like Motorola I am available with him, if you like HTC I am available with him and if you like sony erricson I am available with him, but till now Nokia is not taken any appointment with me, soon it will come to us it is our guaranty.

The big power I had with me is the hands of Google the Giant. Google is providing me all the services available with Google as gift for me like google earth, youtube or google map. If you are thinking to adopt me it is the grace of Google for you.

Flash Gordon is also available with me as an extra support like google. I mean the best flash support by which you can get a very beautiful webpage layout; the best part you like is my social networking features available with me.

And I have got a lot of apps with me I have the second largest friend circle of various apps in just 2 years time.

So this is my story I will speak more lately when I grow elder…

Thanks for reading about me.

Android S/o Google the Giant.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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