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Review on 3 best Internet Browsers for Mobile Phone Users

Opera Mini, SkyFire, Bolt - Internet Browsers for Mobile Phones -Friends, Just tell me which browser you use on your PC? Many prefer to use GOOGLE Chrome beta 4, what is your choice? And what browser you use on your mobile phone? Many prefer to use Safari, specially the apple IPHONE Users. My choice is Opera 10, have you used or tried it?

I have heard about Opera 10 from many sources specially the turbo feature available on it. It has come to know that it gives speed just like an aeroplane it seems it is fantastic.

Any way the major users of Internet browsers are using them on Computers, but I like to know one thing first, how many mobile phone users are there in India, do you have any idea about it?

You will get amazed to hear there are 50 million computer users and nearly 5 million mobile phone users in India.

So developers think about the Internet browsers for Mobile phones.

I just want to talk about some brand new Internet browsers for those who use Internet on their mobile phones.

There are three great browsers available, they are cheap, speedy, and they have MOJO factor in them.

If you are using your mobile phones for surfing the whole time, then the real time has come to change the mobile browsers.

There are already so many browsers available on Internet which are speedy as well as efficient, I like to give you three mobile phone browsers which are somewhat special in their kind.

Just let us look on the first option, the SKYFIRE, It is really a super fast browser, because before loading to your mobile phone, the website starts loading on the backend of SKYFIRE, The backend server of SKYFIRE works as a pool in between your mobile phone and internet, when ever you request for some thing like text, pictures, videos it process on the back end server of SKYFIRE and after getting compressed it comes to your mobile phone, so for your mobile processor it don’t have any loads but just to display the data and not the process, You can save money as well as you will get good speed, While browsing on sky fire you feel that you are just browsing on your pc.

But if your Internet connection is slow on your mobile phone then please avoid using SKYFIRE, because it hangs if your Internet connection is slow.

The next option in Opera Mini, just like SKYFIRE Opera Mini is also use the server side rendering technique, because of this technique the QuickTime and flash movies will play without any additional PLUGINS on your mobile phone.

The opera mini home page looks just like the pc home page, and the specialty of Opera mini is that if you have Opera Mini on your PC then you can sync your mobile phone with your PC easily.

You can add the favorites on your PC on Opera mini with your phones opera mini by syncing them.

You can also easily download your opera mini by just typing M.OPERA.COM.

But Opera Mini is compatible with SYMBIAN S60 and Java Enabled Phones.

If you don’t have SYMBIAN S60 or Java compatible phone I suggest not to use Opera mini.

And the third option is for special people who use Black Berry Phones. You can go for Bolt, Bolt not only gives the browsing experience just like your PC browsing experience but also you can work on it very easily.

Bolt can be use to play videos because the videos plays very fast on Bolt, And also you can upload photographs and videos on Bolt in a very good speed.

You can download Bolt by typing Go for it Blackberry users, and for others there are two options, which I had described above Opera Mini and SKYFIRE.

What are your suggestions speak in our comments sections about Opera Mini, SKYFIRE and Bolt Internet Browsers for Mobile Phones.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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