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How to take proper care for your diamond jewelry?

care your diamond jewelryDiamonds are forever, so the song goes. That might be so, but your diamond jewelry still requires proper care and cleaning or you will not enjoy its celebrated beauty.

Like any other personal ornament, diamond jewelry needs some periodic cleaning and grooming to be at its best. The following are some practical care tips collated over time from diamond owners.

Dirt and grime

A clean diamond shows more brilliance and fire than any stone of its kind that is dirty, smudged, or covered with grime. These definitely lessen the beauty of your jewelry.

This is simply because oil, dirt, or water reduces the natural sheen of the stone. Oil is usually caused from constant touching and natural day-to-day handling of your diamond jewelry.

Dirt and grime, on the other hand, often settle at the bottom of the diamond. These interfere with the diamond’s brilliance.

The minutest film of oil that smudges the stone reduces the diamond’s capacity to reflect light. Dyes or other colored liquid materials can also have an effect on the apparent color of your stone.


While it might be the hardest mineral and can only be cut or polished by another diamond, a really hard blow can cause these stones to chip.

Doing rough work, strenuous sports and other heavy activities might also be risky. They can loosen clasps, bezels and other holding mechanisms of your jewelry’s stone.

It is good policy to remove jewelry when going into a swimming pool, Jacuzzi or hot tub. Chlorine and bleach could accumulate in your jewelry and make the gold and other metals brittle and could loosen the prongs that hold the stones.

Everyday toiletry items can dull your diamond’s luster. Lotions, soaps, powders, perfumes, hair sprays, and your own skin oils can diminish your diamond’s sparkle.


If you do your own cleaning, you can prepare a mix of warm water and any mild detergent. Put in some few drops of ammonia, if you have it.

Soak your jewelry for some minutes to loosen the grime and the oil. Afterwards, very gently clean your jewelry with an old toothbrush. (An eyebrow brush is very good.)

Using warm water, rinse away the sudsy feel. With a soft lint-free cloth, pat it dry while trying not to touch it (if possible) with your bare fingers.

There are commercial jewelry cleaners that come with applicators that you can buy and quickly clean your jewelry. Be careful to read and follow the instructions well.

Regular inspection

Everyday use (putting on and taking off) of your diamond jewelry might loosen some of the metal frames. It is good to inspect your jewelry regularly.

Take it to a competent jeweler if you suspect something is loose for fixing. It is good policy if you can have you diamond jewelry examined once a year. The jewelers can do repair work, if there is need of one, and can do the cleaning as well.


Never store all your jewelry together in a bunch. The diamonds can scratch all the other gemstones, metals, and the other diamonds.

Your diamond jewelry is best stored in a fabric-lined case with individual compartments. Wrap them separately in soft cloth (or tissues) or in jewelry pouches for each piece. When you wear them, you can enjoy them in all their glorious best.
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