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Keyword synonym helps boost SERP - Seo Tip

Seo Tip - I just innovated a new trick “keyword swapping” for better SERP and like to share with you, may be it is well known to most SEO experts but it can be helpful for the SEO learners and bloggers who are in search of better seo.

If we use different words for our title and in the first paragraph of article, which has same synonym, for example see below:

Say you are using the 'Title "How to delete khatra.exe virus from your computer" ' you can use the synonyms for the keyword “delete as remove” in the first paragraph of your article and "computers as PC".

Use the same techniques while writing the whole article if you are using "delete" in the title use "remove" in the first paragraph, and again "delete" in the second paragraph and so on.

This is a small technique to bring your article in top 10 results for various search results for the keywords people use worldwide.

You have to research the keywords before writing the article title and the first paragraph, see how people search for what you are going to right first and then write the articles.

I am using this technique and my articles started coming in top 10 SERP, you can check my article “How to delete or remove khatra.exe virus” this the technique I used to get traffic to my article.

How I am getting traffic to my article “Say if a person search for “How to delete khatra.exe virus” the key word will be available in title of the article and hence there are chances to get first result in the search engine for the article, or say if a person search for “ How to remove khatra.exe virus then also there is chance to get the article in the first position of the search.

This keyword synonym technique will help you to get better SERP results for your all articles you write and get good traffic to your blog or website.
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