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How to buy diamond jewelry? - Tips

Tips On Buying Diamond Jewelry - Diamonds are known as the hardest stones and also a symbol of commitment and undying love. This is why it is commonly a preference for engagement rings to symbolize the strength of the relationship. But the search for the perfect diamond jewelry may be overwhelming since there are too many choices, designs and sizes to choose from. How do you get the right diamond jewelry?

You start with the four Cs: cut, color, clarity and carat weight. Cut gives the diamond its brilliance since it is about the number of sides in a diamond. The color is also another contributing factor to its cost, the colorless diamonds are more expensive and valuable. Clarity would refer to the perfection of the diamond, if it has any kind of air bubbles, spots or marks. Contrary to what most people think, carats are about the weight of the diamond and not its size. Learning about the four Cs would help you fe determine the best diamond jewelry.

There are some useful tips which could help you in scouting the “right one.”

• Determine your budget.

Whenever you are buying a gift, an engagement ring or anniversary present, always think about how much you are willing to spend for it. Always think about what you can afford. It is not a good idea to purchase something which would eventually cause you to run into major financial debts.

• Do some research.

Internet websites are great sources of information when determining what kind of cut would be ideal. You could start by researching different cuts and what is your preference. It would also help you at least get a ballpark figure on how much it would cost.

• Consider the band, craftsmanship and the design.

Other than the stone, also consider the type of metal band used for a ring. Aside from that you could also consider the design and the overall craftsmanship used to create the jewelry. For rings, there are different metal bands, yellow or white gold, titanium or platinum. Of course, one could be more affordable than the other, so you would like to know more about the metal bands when choosing a jewelry.

• Go to a trusted jeweller.

You could always ask for your family member’s and friend’s opinion about where to go and buy your diamond gift. There are big and national chains while there are local jewellers who may be within your community for a significant period of time. You could do some background check on the local jeweller. You could always look for jewellers who are members of the American Gen Society and other similar reputable organizations.

• It’s not just the jewelry.

When buying diamond jewelry or any other precious jewelries, always check the return policy. There are some retailers who would sell jewels at a low cost only to find out that they cannot be returned. Aside from that, always make sure that the diamond you will be buying will have a lab grading report/certificate with it.

This certificate describes the quality of the purchased jewelry. Also, there are some retailers who would require the customer to return all the documents and certificates provided along with the diamond jewelry.
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