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Google TV - TV meets web. Web meets TV.

Google TV - TV meets web. Web meets TV.Google Tv is a new product that seamlessly combines your TV, DVR recordings, and the entire Internet. Some new TVs will come with it pre-installed or you can get a separate box for the TV you already own.

So how does it work?

Well, start with the same TV you know and love. Now add the ability to search for and tune to channels, and search for and tune to individual shows.

You can also find shows to record and easily access any programs you’ve already recorded and saved.

Google TV also has a built-in web browser which means that the entertainment options you can search for, record, and save now include the entire incredible breath of content that’s available today across the web, and of course your favorite online videos.

Now, with Google TV, there’s always something good on and there’s always interesting new content to find. Combining the web and TV means doing things you could never do before like check your fantasy team stats right on the same screen while you’re watching a game or see what people are saying about today’s latest news, even as you’re watching it happening.

Your television isn’t just about video anymore. It’s a complete entertainment device where you can access your photos, music, favorite games, and many of the 50,000 apps available today from Android market.

Finally, Google TV let’s you personalize your television experience with the custom home screen where you can easily edit and access your favorite channels, shows, and websites.

So Google TV is a new experience made for television that combines the TV you know and love with the freedom and power of the Internet. Watch an overview video below, sign up for updates, and learn more about how to develop for Google TV.

The brand companies are working with Google to build Google TV are Sony, Logitech, Intel, and DISH Network.

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