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Published by on Thursday, August 26, 2010 at 7:10:00 PM

Who will solve iPhone Battery Replacement Problem?

Who will solve iPhone Battery Replacement Problem? - As we are seeing every one in the mobile phone world is buying the iPhone since long time. And we also know that many of us are probably concerned about battery replacement. I tried a lot, but an ordinary man cannot replace Apple iPhone’s battery because the battery is located inside the stylish gadget. It is not so simple as other mobile phones where we simply take out the battery and purchase a new one and replace it; the iPhones are still needed to be sending to Apple Stores just to have the batteries replaced.

We all are nearly frustrated about the battery replacement problem of our iPhone but we can’t do it. And we also know that developers of the iPhone are still trying to come up with effective ways to expand the gadget’s capabilities, with the new option of removable battery. Even the Mobile hardware engineers are on the move to find out how to switch the batteries of the iPhone themselves; if they get the solution they can earn a lot.

While buying the iPhones we were not aware of this problem that the batteries on iPhones are not replicable. We were attracted to the latest stylish gadget with best iPhone software, which has all the iPod and cell phone features and Internet capable device and high quality digital camera and more. Apple didn’t post any thing about the battery replacement procedure on its official site and did not mention anywhere else.

But Apple itself has its battery service provider where we can have our iPhone batteries replaced where the whole process take 3 to 4 days if we are nearby to their office and if we are far then it will take months to get it back and also it costs nearly $100 with shipping charges so we are out of contacts with our friends and family if we send our iPhone for battery replacement.

We are in search for independent battery service providers who are already emerged in market who are not related to Apple but they are providing the solution to replace the iPhone’s battery with very low fees and also they have good battery packs. There is some news that they are available but we could find the correct addresses of them.

Apple should have disclosed the battery replacement information soon so that we can know about it and prevent heavy losses by getting wrong batteries wrong service stations and heavy charges.

Apple should soon provide the solution for iPhone Battery Replacement Problem.
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