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Published by on Wednesday, August 25, 2010 at 7:26:00 PM

Who SMS'es most in India - A Survey Needed.

Who SMS'es most in India - A Survey Needed. I am seeing since some days that the sms currency for mobile phones is selling mostly in the mobile recharge centers in India.

So one question arising today in my mind is that who sms'es most in India. Are they the college students, women or men in offices.

As per me it may be the college students becuase when ever i visit in busses and local train i see that most college girls and boys are just busy with their mobile phones typing messages on them.

A survey on cell phone usage across the United States has revealed that women, are the most who talk and text the most.

But what is the status in India, Becuase there is less usage of mobile phones in India is with women, ha the college girls are carying one with them but not the elders in towns and villages. Some high class womens have mobile phones in large cities and small cities but not all women in India are using mobile phones.

Even though they have one sms is the less thing they use here in India, they just use the phones for incoming calls.

So i like to advice to all mobile service providers to conduct a survey on who sms'es most in India.

I know many things about mobile phones and i can write on many mobile phones like GSM Plus CDMA Wait is Finished by KARBONN KC441, INTEX IN80 CDMA MOBILE - FEELING LUCKY - BOUGHT ONE but i dont know about the mobile phone services hence I need some should survey about who sms'es in India.

In Western countries Women are the most who sms'es and Who are in Inda???
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