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Vitiligo: Where and how to get cured taking right treatment.

Vitiligo – Where and how to get cured by taking right vitiligo treatment. - I had seen many vitiligo patients in India, It is a very common disease in India, I don’t know the reason how vitiligo spots arises but it arises in a sudden without giving any chance to take steps to prevent them there is no early symptoms available for this disease but the thing gets on in a sudden.

Vitiligo is not a big disease but it is some what taken serious socially, people in India dislikes people with vitiligo because they think it spreads to each other just by touching the vitiligo patient, but it is not right.

Any way I want to suggest people who are suffering how and where to get vitiligo by taking right vitiligo treatment in India.

Friends say if you have more vitiligo patches on your body then start with ayurvedic treatment and if you have fewer patches then go for allopathic treatment and if you have big and small patches on your body then use allopathic treatment to cure big vitiligo patches and ayurvedic treatment to cure small vitiligo patches.

Consult a good allopathic doctor and get the medicine, I had seen many allopathic doctors give psoroline to apply on your patches and ask you to expose your patches to sunlight in the morning time say in between 10 to 12, this will really help you to get vitiligo cured. The big patches of vitiligo will get cured by using the allopathic medicine and the tablets and other intake medicine will stop the growth of the vitiligo patches on your body.

For complete small spots on your body and hidden spots which you cant expose to sunlight can be cured by using the ayurvedic treatment.

By these two combinations of vitiligo treatment you will soon get rid of this disease.

NOTE: Consult a good Skin specialist before taking vitiligo treatment.

The above procedure is followed by me when I was got attacked with this disease when I was in XIth standard. I got cured with vitiligo within one year time and till now there is no new vitilgio spots arrived and the remaining two spots on my aerola part is remaining and I am in a search of a good doctor who will give me a good treatment for my two vitiligo spots to be cured, I don’t want to use any vitiligo cosmetics at all.

All the vitiligo patients are requested to share your experiences and guide to new people to get cure the vitiligo.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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