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Simple steps to start earning online by blogging

Simple steps to start earning online by blogging Every one is asking me how you are earning online, Every day my friends either new ones or the old one who know me from long time, when they come to know that I am earning online they ask me How, what you are doing and many more questions daily.

So I decided to write here if you are willing to start earning online just start with a very unique and free way, but you have to be with clean mind no tricky person and have to follow all the rules and terms and conditions of the required sites.

So let me start what you have to do to start earning online today. But keep in mind this is not the get rich quick or a mlm or any scheme which will make you rich in one day or in one week or in one month, you just have to start this as your secondary income source and as a hobby.

Those who like to earn online should have a first income source either it is a job, business or an agriculturist so that it will be easy to you to earn online without any tensions of your running life.

If you are running you family with your first income source the things which I am showing you will earn you a secondary residual income for your future and it will be a very huge one if you do it steadily and slowly.

So let us start now:

First step: Create a e-mail address on with all you details like correct name address phone numbers etc, the mail is a must and if you have old emails use them for what you are using but I suggest you to create a new email on with all your correct details and verify it with your permanent mobile number which you are going to keep with you permanently.

Second step: Go to login with the same email address that you have created above and create your own blog. For example or what ever niche name you like find it and start it with

Use your own niche or category what you can write about that will be better if you create the blog on your known topic this will help you in writing articles on your own interest and also it will help you to find the readers on same category as well as it will also help you on search engines for getting better results in serp by using best seo.

After starting your blog start writing daily on the topic if you can write more articles on daily basis it is good but if you don’t have more time at least one article is must on a day.

If you continue with this for say 6 months you will have good articles on your blog, if you are writing one article in a day it will get 30 articles in a month and in six months time you blog will have 180 articles.

Now is the right time to start your secondary income Go to and Signup with the same e-mail address which you have used to create your blog on, the same Gmail account I want to suggest you again. And Add the codes to your blog, by using the ready-made button of monetize on

By this time your articles have also got the best search engine results based on the keywords which you have written the articles and people start browsing your articles and if they find related ads on your blog for which they have come to your blog they will visit those sites which are on ads and for which you will be get paid.

So this is the simple thing, which you have to do on Internet to start your secondary income by using just a blog on your related niche, it takes time and it will grow slowly. After two to three years you can earn the income, which will be equal to your first income source.

I had started my blog on august 2008 and now it is giving good results but we have to write good articles which we have knowledge on we don’t have to copy anyone’s content have to follow all the terms and conditions of gmail, blogger, and strictly the adsense one. So good luck start and if you like to know more search related articles on my blog.
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