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Published by on Thursday, August 19, 2010 at 1:47:00 PM

Save money to download music to your iPhone.

iPhone Music - Hello iPhone Users, we all know that downloading music to our iPhones is costly and we all are trying to find the ways to get music to our iPhones without spending too much money, How to download music to our iPhones free or without spending too much money is the big question in today’s iPhone users minds.

Today, we all are still trying to find out how and are still spending a fortune in those pay per track music download websites. If we download regularly from those high price websites, we might want to try computing our expenses per year on the music download. We may be shocked when we calculate the total amount of money it may be equal to one new iPhone itself.

So, let us forget about those pay per track music download owners sites, and also forget about P2P illegal music downloadable websites. We can now use these best ways on how we can download music to our iPhones without spending any money or by spending very less uncountable money.

The first way to download music to our iPhone: We can use the ripping software for our existing CDs to convert them into MP3 format. We already know that iTunes, which we are using as the default software for iPhone in our computer, we can use it to rip our audio CDs to MP3 format. This is the one way; we will be able to have an entire album of our favorite tunes without paying just anything for doing this through pay per track music download websites.

The second way to download music to our iPhone: We already know that almost every big music download websites have free music available to download on our systems. In most cases, the featured artist will have a few music tracks available for download free of charge. Just we can visit such websites, such as the iTunes store, frequently in order for us to take advantage of this great offer. Although we won't get the entire album of the featured artist for free, but we will be able to get a couple of the featured songs free to download to our systems and can later be used on our iPhones.

The Third way to download music to our iPhone: We are some time visiting some large music download websites where they offer freebies for new members like us. We can register them and get the promo music download from here too.

Here in India all the mobile phone users are getting the music to their iPhone ready with their friend collections, they get them from their friends collect them sort out the songs to their favorite lists and then use with their iPhones.

And also there are Mobile Song Download Centers in almost all cities where we can get the songs downloaded to our iPhone mobile phones with a very less expenses.

If you like to share more ways to download music to iPhones then you can write down in our comment section.
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