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Published by on Friday, August 6, 2010 at 10:12:00 AM

Parliamentary panel planned to spur organ donation

organ donarsThe organ donors in India are willing to give the information about their organ donation but there is lack of plans and forms where they have to inform the government and there is also no database of donors available in India till now.

The House chalks out a plan to spur the organ donation in the last session in the Month of August this year and they planned to make avaialble the organ donation declaration colum in the compulsory forms like Driving License and Income Tax.

Now every donor who is willing to donate the organs like Kidney, heart liver etc will be made availalble in the driving license forms and Income Tax forms where they will fill up their willings in the given column by which the Government will have the donors database availalbe through out the country.

We have a huge shortage of organ donors in India, hence the standing committee on health suggests the database creation method by making availble the donors column in the driving license forms and income tax forms and property tax forms and as well as on the national ID card forms by which the national database will be created.

As we all know there is lack of donors in India due to non awareness and non availabilty of proper forms by the government.

The requirements are huge and the donors are less, As per the Government record An estimated annual requirements are as follows,

Required Eye Donors : 100,000 and the availability is only 38,000.
Required Kidney Donors : 150,000 and the availability is only 4,000.
Required Livers : 50,000 and the availability is only 10.
Required Hearts : 5,000 and the availability is only 43.

The organ donation rate is only 0.08 per million.

By taking this step the Government will improve the database of donors and may be the problem will be solved to some extent.
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