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A list of Mobile Phones using Android OS

A list of Mobile Phones using Android OS - I wanted to check out how many mobile phones are available which are built using the Google’s Android OS and i found a long list so I decided to list to my readers for their references and i will write on each of the phone separately later.

Android Phones are the future phones which will be every one's pick in the comming years, even though Apple is having its iPhone in the Market with lots of features yet Google Android is making more noise in the market for its Android based phones because of its multi-features and easy avalibility.

So now let us see which are the Mobile Phones which are using the Android OS to run smoothly the Future Mobile Phone Operating system which will remain long life....

beTouch E110 – by Acer
Liquid A1 (S100)– by Acer Inc – liquid Android Version
Liquid E – by Acer Inc
Liquid E Ferrari – by Acer Inc

Sciphone N19 – by Bluelans Communication
SciPhone N21 – by Bluelans Communication

CSL Spice – by CSL

Dell Mini3i – by Dell - Dell Mini 3

Garminfone – by Garmin

Geeks'Phone One – by Geeks'Phone

General Mobile DSTL1 Imaginary – by General Mobilev

PP5420 – by Highscreen

HKC Pearl – by HKC
HKC Imobile v413 – by HKC

HTC Aria – by HTC Corporation
HTC Desire - by HTC Corporation
HTC Dream,T-Mobile G1, Era G1 in Poland – by HTC Corporation - HTC+Dream T-Mobile+G1 Era+G1
HTC Hero, HTC Droid Eris, T-Mobile G2 Touch in Ireland, the UK, Hungary, The Netherlands and Germany by HTC Corporation - HTC+Hero HERO200 T-Mobile+G2+Touch ERA+G2+Touch
Droid Incredible - by HTC Corporation - ADR6300
HTC Legend – by HTC Corporation
HTC Magic, HTC Sapphire, T-Mobile myTouch 3G, docomo HT-03A in Japan – by HTC Corporation - HTC+Magic HTC+Sapphire T-Mobile+myTouch+3G Docomo+HT-03A
HTC Tattoo (formerly HTC Click) – by HTC Corporation - HTC+Tattoo
HTC Evo 4G (formerly HTC Supersonic) – by HTC Corporation - PC36100s
Google Nexus One, Codenamed HTC Dragon, HTC Passion - by HTC Corporation - Nexus+One
myTouch 3G Slide – by HTC Corporation
HTC Wildfire - by HTC Corporation

T-Mobile Pulse, Huawei U8220 CHT8000 in Taiwan – by Huawei – Pulse U8220
U8230 – by Huawei - U8230

i-Mobile 6010 – by i-Mobile

Lenovo OPhone – by Lenovo

GW620 Eve dubbed GW620 Linkme (for the Italian market) – by LG Group
GT540 Optimus Also known as the GT540 Swift – by LG Group - LG-GT540
KH5200 Andro-1 - by LG Group - LG-KH5200
LU2300 Optimus Q - by LG Group - LG-LU2300
VS740 Ally (aka Aloha) - by LG Group - LG-VS740
KU9500 Optimus Z - by LG Group - LG-SU950

Quench, CLIQ XT, Motorola MB501 – by Motorola - MB501
Droid, Motorola Milestone worldwide GSM Version MotoQRTY (S.Korean Version) - by Motorola – Milestone
Droid X – by Motorola
Droid 2, Droid Pro - by Motorola
Motorola i1 - by Motorola
Backflip, Motorola MB300 - by Motorola - MB300
Backflip, Motorola ME600 - by Motorola - ME600
Devor - by Motorola
Milestone XT701 - by Motorola - XT701
MOTO MT710 - by Motorola
XT720, Motoroi, - by Motorola
XT800 - by Motorola
CLIQ, Motorola DEXT worldwide - by Motorola - MB200
Sirius Sky - by Motorola - IM-A600S
Sirius Izar - by Motorola - IM-A630K
Sirius Vega - by Motorola - IM-A650S

i6 – by Qigi

Behold II – by Samsung Group - Behold+II
i7500 Galaxy, - by Samsung Group – Galaxy
M900 Moment - by Samsung Group - SPH-M900
i5700 Spica - by Samsung Group - GT-I5700
Galaxy A - by Samsung Group - SHW-M100S
i9000 Galaxy S, Captivate - by Samsung Group - GT-I9000 SHW-M110S(S. Korea)
M910 Intercept, Samsung Moment II - by Samsung Group - M910

XPERIA X10 Mini – by Sony Ericsson - X10 mini
Xperia X10 – by Sony Ericsson - X10i

Tiger G3 – by Tiger

Link - by ZTE

A980 (Journey) – by Nexian

Above is the complete list of Android Phones which are built on Android Operating system and the three columns listed are Phone model, manufactured by, and the “Android OS Build MODEL” for all mobile phones.

Many Android OS based phones are releasing day by day and it is really competing with iPhones the most famous and most selling Android Phone is manufactured by HTC.
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