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I suffered Asthma for 8 years and got cured myself – Trick

I suffered Asthma for 8 years and got cured myself – Some tricks applied - When I was in my last year of my post graduation I got attacked with huge dry cough and later after some days I got asthma. Doctors declared that I am suffering from asthma and have to take regular medicine and asthma pump, so I started using them, As soon as I completed my education the next year I got married and was suffering asthma attacks for long eight years.

And after being tired of taking asthma medicines I thought that I should do some research on how to get rid of asthma and started doing research, I will write what I did to get rid of curing my asthma below but it is not the suggestion or treatment everyone should follow before trying it you should consult your doctor.

I started to research how to get rid of asthma and started writing what is the reason of getting attacks in the nights because I was getting the attacks in the night itself, so I started to write down whatever I was doing in the day time to discover the allergy. As all of you know that there is some allergic thing which causes asthma attacks.

After writing for some days I came to the conclusion that whenever I eat brinjals in my food I get attack, that was one thing I found and I left eating them, and after some days I found that whenever I sit or came near to dust, while sweeping and smoke of motor vehicles are the second allergy thing which causes attacks, And started avoiding this things and now I was in less trouble and getting less attacks, Then after some time I came to know that whenever I smell the grasses near the agriculture land I get attack, and a food dalcha khana in India is very dangerous for asthma patients.

I left doing all the things I found after writing for several days, and started getting less asthma attacks say once in a month or so.

Then some of my friends advised me to eat DABUR Chavanprash and AWALA a bitter fruit available in India, I started eating them, And now it was very low and I was getting very less attacks say once in 3 months or so and when it is cold or raining only.

At last I got cure 80 – 90 % of asthma attacks and one day one of my doctor said a new medicine for asthma is arrive and already you had left the old medicine Asthalin 4 and cipla Ranbaxy pumps so just try them.

He gave me Airomol tablets with dexona in combination to take when you feel that you may get an asthma attack and I started taking them and avoiding all the allergic things what I found in my research so this make me feel I am the luckiest guy who got cured 100% from this asthma allergy. And after one or two years I stopped taking the last medicines and I am totally asthma free now with the grace of god.

Now I am not taking any medicine and just avoiding those allergic things and I am all is well now. Thanks Thanks Almighty God for giving me this research thing in my mind to get rid of the strong night ghost asthma.

Please research yourself and take doctors advice this article on asthma is just to inspire you on how to get rid of this allergic disease and not medicinal guide.
And if you like to discuss more on this topic to help all asthma patients in this world write in comments as suggestions and tips.

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Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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