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How to live a healthy clean life – Children start doing now

How to live a healthy and clean life - I thought to write something different from what I am writing daily. One thing came to my mind that I should guide all children all over the world by discussing some healthy eating and cleanliness tips to live a healthy life.

I always guide my children on healthy and cleanliness tips – those are as follows:

1. A child should get up early in the morning – Say at 5AM.

2. Brush Teeth, take bath, and then as soon as you take bath, drink a glass of clean and filter water.

3. Next important thing is prayer, pray to god.

4. Start reading your class work books what teachers though yesterday.

5. Do some simple exercise – not hard and tough – simple in the childhood you can do as per your interest when you grow up.

6. Get dressed for school – Have breakfast

7. What to eat in breakfast – Two loafs of bread with AMUL butter, one or two boiled eggs, one wheat roti with fried egg and glass of milk, this is compulsory start eating this much in the early years, and if it is more you can make it half or as per your desire but all the things are compulsory on daily basis.

8. Take Tiffin for you lunch, What to take in your Tiffin for luch, two wheat roti, some dal and one sabji, green vegetable with some curd, It is a must to eat you lunch.

9. When you come back from school wash your hands, face and legs with good water, take a cup of bourn vita with some good quality of biscuits and start doing your home work.

10. After completing your home work start watching your favorite TV channels and at the same time do some simple yoga exercises while watching TV programs don’t sleep or lie down on bed to see the TV programs and only 1 hour or 2 is allowed to view TV at home.

11. After this show your home work, class work and your diary to your father and get signed, brush your teeth, wash face and go to sleep early.

12. Play games to the alternate of TV Programs on some days or alternate days.

13. Good health and good habits make a child grow well and his mind will be well grown and he will bring good health to himself as well as peace to the country.

So these are some tips for living healthy and clean for our children. And if you all want to add some more tips please add them in our healthy and clean comments below.

When you follow all the above things in your childhood you can be strong like the sports persons who gives us 7 Keys To Living Life Successfully!
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