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Heavy Website Traffic comes with SEO and Link Building

search engine optimization - As you all know that Search engine traffic is my favorite source of visitors because it’s steady and once when our posts comes on top 10 of Google or yahoo search results we get steady traffic for those post on daily basis. I am always expecting generally the same amount of search-engine traffic, so I’ll be able to make plans based around this technique. I’ll also be able to know how certain changes of my blog posts impact my income. We can make decisions with much easier ways.

And with this, search engine traffic is easier to monetize. The visitors are more likely to subscribe to my posts of my blog on daily basis because they come for the same thing which I write for them, they even find some related links on my blog posts and will give us good results. It’s a win-win situation. Seriously, on the basis of this technique I know about the Internet and can get good results on my blog, so I say that search engine traffic is the best traffic.

All the SEO experts know that search engines rank websites or blog posts on the basis of “popularity” and “relevancy”. “Popularity” is known as by how many valuable back links you have to your articles posts blog or to your website. “Relevancy” is known as by what you actually writing on you blog or website.

To get nearly positive results on Search Engines for your blog or website you must learn SEO.

As we know that Search engines robots (literally) “CRAWL” your blogs or websites, to check what your website is all about. The search engines do this to check that they won’t rank a website or blog about “MLM business” on the first page for a Google search for “affiliate marketing”. This means you’ll need to know how to “tell” Google the right things so you have to learn all the SEO Techniques and implement on your blogs and websites.

Secondly you have to build Links to all your articles as soon as you post them to relative articles on the web, with legal readable and meaningful comments and linking to the keywords related to the content with your page links.

Buildings links and create more and more relative back links to your articles on your blog or website by linking them on your other related pages as well as on similar blogs or websites.

This will give the search engine the “popularity” and “relevancy” for your content and it will jump to the top results of the Search engines for the relative keywords.
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