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Site Designing and SEO is Complete - Now Content.

SEO TIP - Friends as all we know that for every website three parts are very much important to get best results online.

If you are a good webmaster, seo guru then you must be knowing what is that, but if you are new to making websites and earning online then you will be not knowing what are those three important points.

Then here it goes the main three important points to grow online are the website design, the second one is optimization to get better seo results to your website and the third important part of any website to grow online is traffic.

How traffic comes to your site, is there any trick or you can spend money and get traffic to your site or blog, then my answer will be no.

Then what is the best part to get traffic to your site or blog, is rich content, mostly people will come on any website through search engines, i mean repeat traffic, organic traffic, if they have your domain address, they will come to your site once, twice or thrice only and they will hate again to come to your site again, becuase they need good content to their related search. They dont come to your site to see the design, or pictures or any other thing, you know better what i want to say.

So what i studied from other big websites is not their design, or seo techniques, i newer bought any tricky software or any thing else to improve traffic to my blog, but, while doing research in these two years i found that people only come to your website on search results to their keywords, no one know what people will search on search engines, they will not repeat the same keywords so there is no question of buying or writing on special keywords.

When ever i write a new article people start visiting to my site not with any special technique i used, I just researched and did a good site design, did some seo techniques by myself, and started writing my own articles, articles which comes to my mind, i am not doing any research to write articles, i dont buy any keywords i dont like to buy any tricky softwares or dont even like to buy any ready made websites.

I like to earn through my sweat, I started writing on my own, I know my grammer and english is not good but I am trying to write what i know by my own.

One day when i saw traffic flowing to my site and there is lot of numbers on my traffic stat, i started to google search on different keywords, which i had written articles on my own, I just checked a keyword "KARBONN GSM PLUS CDMA" and found that it is on number one position on google search out of 4890 results in google india search page. Wow I got surprised how it happened, and I wrote another article about mobile phone to test my google search result "INTEX IN80 CDMA" again on the no. 1 position on google search, what's that I did not used any special techniques seo tricks and any thing else which i have to pay for, I just started writing articles on my own, what ever the topic will be, you just write on yourself, dont do any research, go on writing using your skills and knowledge, but use a good looking design to your blog or website then you will be on no. 1 on google search for every keyword in next comming days.

Then after this I tried to find the google search results to check my old articles which were written before my site design and seo research, I tried "how to setup internet browsing center" Yes it is on no. 1 position on google search out of 1,860,000 results. An I tried on "How to remove or delete Khatra.exe virus" again on top 10 on first page of google search results out of 3,880 results.

I never researched or used any technique to bring this results, What ever technique i am using is i am writing articles on my own knowledge, leaving behind the grammer and english, I am just writing what i know and what comes fresh in my mind to help people gain the knowledge what ever I learned or learning in my life.

So my Designing part is complete and also I stopped any seo research or techniques to bring my site on top results and getting best traffic, Now my part is to write and write and write, dont copy any other's content or dont write the same articles what their other write.

Writing daily one article is enough, write your own articles like me to get better results.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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