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Published by on Saturday, June 26, 2010 at 11:19:00 AM – A Microsoft Windows Community

My Windows Club - An Innovative concept in Windows Community Websites – is known to be a new addition to the technology websites, which is offering a wide range of content on Microsoft Windows with all versions and specially it is designed for Windows 7 users and other technology related topics. This is a special type of community website where it is designed with a very dynamic logic with a lot of new features evolving based on member feedback. Which is totally operated by all the joined members of the site where articles, forum questions, forum answers, tips and tricks about windows is contributed by members itself, Specially the Forum section is designed to complete the total Windows Courses by the users itself, where members will ask their queries and expert members will answer them, if we like the answer related to our questions and if we satisfy with the answer we can select it as good, and the forum will get locked and the most significant portion of the website is its revenue programs, where it is shared with the core members.

The best part of the Revenue Sharing program

The revenue sharing program of this Website is a known to be a very unique one. Because this Website is in Beta version, and it will be going to be one of the best technology websites in coming days and also with its revenue sharing program because this Website shares 100% of its revenue generated during the first year with a core group of 10 members who are supporting the Website well along with sharing Cash Credits, Ad sense Revenue and various awards/prizes.

GOOGLE ADSENSE Revenue Sharing for all members

If you have your GOOGLE ADSENSE Account or willing to signup for an account then you will be the lucky guy with this site in this starting state of the website. uses GOOGLE ADSENSE API revenue sharing program in an arrangement with GOOGLE to share the Ad revenue with members. According to this partnership program with GOOGLE, Ninety per cent of the Ad Sense revenue, which gets generated from the user contents, will be paid by GOOGLE directly to the ADSENSE account of the members. The site uses ADSENSE APIs to create and manage ADSENSE accounts on behalf of members.

Cash Rewards for content contributors

Another best option to earn online on is the Cash Credit system where content posted by members are evaluated by editors and are rewarded according to the quality of the content. Each qualified resource is awarded some cash credits, which is equivalent to real cash. When the cash credits reach a minimum payout level, the money is transferred to the member's bank account, after raising an invoice.

Contests, Awards and Prizes will announce several contest and cool prizes on monthly basis and at present there are many contests and cool prizes announced where the prizes include high definition video camera, digital camcorders, electronic gadgets and several award certificates etc.

Who is behind is the brain child of Mr. Tony John, a Microsoft MVP and founder of several popular websites including, and

The Webmaster and owner of this Website Mr. Tony has expressed good optimism about the future prospects of this Website among leading specialized Websites of India and has informed that he wanted to make an impression in the global arena with this Website.

If you like to know more about or signup visit My Windows Club is now
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