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Make Visitors to stay on your blog for long time.

Reading Blog - Friends first let me make it clear that what is a blog first, many people dont know what is blog what they have to do on blogs and why they should start blogging but they just signup and start writing on it because their friends are doing that and they fail in what they have started it for, it may be to get traffic to their website or earning online, they fail because they dont know about it.

Blog has lots of web pages which are arranged chronologically with regularly written posts. The articles should be any thing like it may be about a person, his ideas, can be reviews of products, personal diaries, How to guides, tips and tricks or even news about other companies etc. You can also use your blog as a communication between you and your readers about any thing which is legal and universal. You can concentrate on one subject or can talk about several different topics.

You can use these basic blogging tips especially if you're a newbie. The first is you have to post on a daily or hourly basis by which you can have always fresh and new website when it is visited by your readers. Second, dont use many different topics, you can use some categories which you know better, else your visitors will quickly lose interest. Third, you should write in a simple and understandable language and what ever you are writing should be meaningfull and can be understood by your readers, your articles should not ask questions to your readers but you should provide the solution to your readers. These things helps your reader to come again and again to your blog and they will stay for long time until they complete reading your articles.

And if they like your article they will search other related article or any other thing which they want to and stay for long time on your blog and even recommend their friends to read the articles on your blog.

If the readers have their own blog they will also add your blog on their sidebar on a blogroll (list) usually if they have related interests to your topic. If people visit your blog and right away if it looks unappealing and they dont like your article they are not going to spend much time on it and they leave your blog forever.
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