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Dell Computers - Lovers Prefer To Buy Dell In India

Dell computer - Eight Computer Lovers out of ten like to buy Dell in India, do you know why? As I am an Hardware Professional and also sell computers to my nearest friends and customers who come through my friends contacts. I dont sell computers as professional businesss, But it is just my hobby to assemble a computer with all unique hardware pherepherals and sell them without profit, it keeps me satisfied and happy when my friends use them.

I also Install Softwares on them by using all the tweaks which improves the performance of any computer, which i know and i learned them by reading magazines and on Internet. Computers and Internet is likely related to each other for better usage of them in this era.

So now let us come to the point why people like to buy Dell Computers in India. When ever i talk with people regarding the buying of computers, people ask me wheter you are going to give us a branded pc or an assembled pc, so i say them assembled one will be better becuase we can use all custom pherepherals as we require them. And branded pc's will be the choice of brand manufacturers. But out of 10, 8 people as me to provide a branded one because there will be no problem of warranty and it works smoothly, they give me examples of their friend who bought the branded one's and they dont have any problem in their hardware since long time.

And when i ask them which branded pc you like to buy, All Computer lovers in India spell DEll Computer first, when asked why Dell they say it works smoothly, the hardware is better quality, the design is good, and almost all pherepherals are manufactured by Dell itself, even the monitor is of DEll computers and they add many good features of dell computer.

After hearing this i visited many times and found that they also designed their website in very looking manner and also there is complete information about dell computers on it. They provide all the information on different customer interests, like Computers of Home, for small and medium business, for public sector, and also for large enterprises.

A flash on the home page of dell computers displays all the Latest available computers, laptops etc.

After reviewing the home site of Dell computers, i like to say that Dell computers will be the best for Indian Branded pc lovers.

What is your opinion, Do you like to say any thing about Dell Computers or any other brands like to hear from you in my comments section.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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