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Published by on Tuesday, June 22, 2010 at 1:40:00 PM

Competition between HTC Legend, Nokia 9, iPhone 4g

HTC Legend, Nokia 9, iPhone 4g - As we all know that Apple is releasing its iPhone 4G series mobiles phones in UK soon and not in India, by taking advantage the two major companies are competing in India with their nearly equal Mobile Phone sets. One is HTC Legend and the other one is from the most famous brand Nokia the Noikia 9.

With the most interested market in India for Latest mobile phones Nokia and HTC are launching their phones very fast before Apple think to launch in India, I don't know why Apple is not interested in Indian Market, it is due to the high price for their handsets or they are not interested to do business in India or they are not getting proper Networks to tie up with their handsets.

iPhone 4 is launching in UK with AT&T network and it is a rumour that it will come to India with Vodaphone, but who knows what is the reason why Apple is not launching their phones in India soon.

HTC Legend is nearly equal to iPhone 4 series phones and it has a builtin Google Android OS with it and it is already making news in India, I had already seen many mobile users has HTC Legend in their hands and They like it with its real new features like touch screen, its camera quality for both videos and pictures.

They like the multimedia features, social sites and many more things which are nearly equal to iPhone series phones.

Nokia N9 has also great features with Camera, Multimedia, Social Sites, Internet browsers, and it can also be used with latest 3G network services etc.

So let us read all the reviews available on Various sites regarding all the three handsets HTC legend, Nokia 9 and iPhone 4. The most interesting reviews for all the three sets will be available on TECH GURU of CNBC Awaaz Team Videos on YouTube.
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