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Three steps to get huge traffic to your niche websites

Website Traffic - Dear Friends these five steps will work for getting huge traffic to your niche websites only, say if you have a website of real estate, this is called a single niche, and if your site is dealing with hosting, then this will be again a single niche, so if you have such single niche websites then you can follow the following five steps to get huge traffic to your single nice websites.

First Step: First you can do a simple keyword research for your niche using your GMAIL account on GOOGLE ADWORDS, this will give you complete list of keywords people search on GOOGLE SEARCH on the niche, say if you are dealing with domains in your website, then do the simple research on GOOGLE ADWORDS keyword tool. This will give you the complete list of single, double and three words keyword list. Get the complete list make a copy of it and keep it as your first tool to get huge traffic to your site.

Second Step: Now use these keyword list and write articles on your BLOG related to your website, and if you don’t have an BLOG then you can use forums related to your niche signup for all forums and contribute your knowledge and ask question to get more knowledge regarding your niche, by this you can gain more knowledge on your business as well as you can share the knowledge, use the keywords in the questions and answers which you have collected, use only one or two keywords in each question and answer. And if you are writing articles in your BLOG, then use at least one keyword in the title, and two to three times in the first paragraph, use h2 and h3 headings in the articles with two three word keywords and write at least 4 to five Para articles.

Third Step: Now using your Same GMAIL Account go for GOOGLE ALERTS for the keywords on your niche so that when ever a article on your niche is published by other authors on the net will be alerted in your GMAIL account, this will help you to research more for your SEO as well as getting traffic to your site, you can read those articles and communicate with them, share your opinion on those articles in the comments section and make them your friend on the social sites.

So follow these three steps and you will get more traffic flowing to your websites, BLOGS and niche websites, where you can sell your products easily.
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