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Website Traffic - How actually it comes?

Website Traffic - Since last seven days I stopped posting to check my traffic stats, And i came to the conclusion that Traffic only comes when your article is organic, selfwritten, what ever it is, on any topic or niche it is, The real handwritten articles comes in search results quickly, I found it for my blog, whenever i type my own articles, i get in top 10 of google search results. So let us see what happened to my blog traffic in these seven days.

I just checked my most popular pages on my feedjit widget available on my blog, I found the following pages on the top 10 popular pages.

1. The main page of my blog Digital Innovation is always on top 10 results because of its regular posts.

2. Mlm and Network Marketing secrets part1 is on the second position of my top 10 pages, because it is linked on all my search results pages like for the keyword "RCM Business" which is on the third position in the google search results.

3. Running Internet Browsing center successfully is the third popular page on my feedjit becasue it is on the top 10 search results for many keywords related to "internet browsing center".

4. Gsm Plus CDMA - Karbonn mobiles is on the top 10 results for the search word "Karbonn gsm plus cdma" on google search.

5. Intex In80 this is also in the top 10 google search results for the keyword "Intex IN80" .

6. Again Mlm and network marketing secrets is one top most traffic page for my blog because it is also linked on the Mlm and network marketing Part I, as well as on the keyword "RCM Business" and hence it is on the top 10 search results of google.

7. Another best traffic page of my blog is How to remove khatra.exe virus because of its availablity on the top 10 google search results for khatra.exe virus.

8. Another page of my blog which is getting more traffic from different google search results is Powermat article which is getting organic traffic from almost all google search engines.

9. How to earn online linking your mlm business is another articles which has more visits from google organic search results.

and last and not least is the 10th page Rmp Infotec Pvt. Ltd which has good backlinks as well as good search results.

So what i want to say is that traffic will come to your website or blog, if the article is unique one, self written and it gets organic traffic from search results, and if you build good internal and external backlinks to your pages, the pages will come on the top 10 search results on almost all search engines, because search engine robots loves unique selfwritten articles with good keyword based titled articles.
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