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Unique Article Writing - Tips

unique article writingFriends, Many of my friends are always asking me what to write, I had already started a blog and i am confused what to write, how to get traffic to my blog, how to increase my Adsense revenue etc. etc.

And also i know many of them leave blogging and get dissatisfied with the Adsense revenue and stay off from internet, because they don't know what to write and how to get traffic to their blogs.

As we know "content is king", all the blogger need good content they search for content and loose money on internet by finding ready made articles and some thing like auto blogging software's etc,. which is not the solution because search engines love self written unique content, which is needed to be written by ourselves on any topic.

There are some tips by which i can show you the way for writing good self written, search engine lovable articles by ourselves.

1. Use Forums

First search the forum on your topic, what ever the category you are using, forums are available on each and every category.

Select the forum of your category, signup, and visit daily and be online for what ever time you are on internet, you will find latest questions asked by the forum members, select the question for which you can answer the best, and come to your blog and write the answer, providing the complete solution in the clear and keyword rich content by your self dont copy the content from the net or any other sources, the solutions should be yours in text format, Use correct words, sentences, paragraphs and keywords on which you are answering the question.

And Publish the article on your blog, After publishing the blog, copy the link of your article and answer the question in the forum in brief and add a read more link. The brief answer should solve the question in the forum itself, and if the reader wants more he will visit your site to read more.

If your answer satisfies the reader on the forum then definitely he will visit your site to see more about the question, because he is there for solution for his question, hence he needs more and more about the topic.

This solves his need and yours too, because the people love good answers and come to your forum answers again and again and to your website too.

This makes you famous and also your website gets traffic, and you can also earn using any Affiliates and Adsense revenue from your website or blog.

2. Use Answers sites

There are many answer sites available on internet, You can select any of one from the list on search engines, And do the same thing what ever you are doing in the forum, this also makes you Answer expert and also you will get more traffic to your blog or site.

3. Content for Revenue Share Sites.

The third and best thing on internet is India Study Channel, and Dot Net Spider - "if you are a computer literate, or IT special" , Join this two websites and use forum, resource center, community center and many more available options, where you can learn to write and you can also earn by sharing your adsense publisher id.

There are many other ways to do this, But the above hints/tip will make you a good content writer.

Content is King - So write your own articles on your category in which you are famous, don't research the things to become one night millionaire, if you write on daily basis, one year is more, you will be a royalty earner.

You can also read Unique Article Writing Tips from my friend on Ezine Articles
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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