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Published by on Wednesday, May 26, 2010 at 5:08:00 PM

Replace cdma handsets with Intex in80 Karbonn kc441

KarbonnKC441 and Intex IN80 Mobile Phones - Since some years many mobile phone users in India were using CDMA simless handsets, Because they were the only cdma handsets available in India with the two most famous mobile service providers Reliance mobile and Tata Indicom mobile.

There are lot of users in India who are using the cheap simless cdma handsets and having lots of problems with their sets, like the battery problem, low voice ringtones and many more such hurdles, and even they are sticked with their handsets.

If you are planning to use other mobile handsets with your same number, then there is two options which are available in India with a very low investment and with better quality handsets.

The first one is INTEX In80 CDMA handset, which is worth if you like to use only reliance or tata indicom cdma service with your old numbers, just you have to buy this set and apply for the sim by paying only Rs. 200 to get your cdma sim, the same number you are using since long time.

INTEX in80 is the best handset available in India for CDMA Sim Users, it comes with lots of features available for entertainment also like fm, audio player and video player etc. it come with a 256 sd memory card. You can read more about Intex in80 mobile handset here.

And another option is Karbonn KC441, Karbonn KC441 comes with double sim, which you can use for your old cdma sim as well as you can use new gsm or any other gsm service you are using can also be used with this handset.

Karbonn KC441 is also a best option for cdma and gsm users which has great multimedia facilities and you can get it for below Rs. 5000 and if you like to know more about Karbonn KC441 you can read here.

Any way now is the time to replace you old cdma simless sets with these above two options which are within your budgets also.
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